Witcher 2 'Same Game' on 360 And PC

Marek Ciemak has told NowGamer that the 360 version The Witcher 2 will be 'the same' as the PC game.

We asked Ciemak which version would be better: 360 or PC? He told us, "It's the same game. I don't know how you can try to compare those two games. We're doing everything to make it the exact same game."

However, he revealed there will be some compromise.

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Feckles4180d ago

I believe it comes on two discs on PC, so presumably it'll come on 2 discs on the 360.

buddymagoo4180d ago

Is it going to be 1080p 60fps on the 360, I don't think so.

Skate-AK4180d ago

What does that have to do with anything he said nice trollin bro.

RedDead4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

1080 60FPS are a supreme Bonus. But nothing more than a bonus. 720P 30FPS is grand(that is right isn't it?). Fact is it looks good for a console game and Great for a console RPG. PC version is one of the best looking games this gen if no the best imo. But that's a bonus to me. Anyway I should be getting a new Rig soon so i'll get it then. But Console owners should get it too. Graphics aren't what makes the Witcher 2 good

Oh and the 360 version is Extremely acceptable if you don't have a Pc for it.

buddymagoo4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )


Did you expect it to be a different game? It was always going to be the same game. The only difference being it won't perform as well as it would on a PC. So it's the same in everything except performance. Same game to me would imply that is was exactly the same, that's all.

skyward4180d ago

No way that's happening visually. Witcher 2 PC = next gen.

xPhearR3dx4180d ago

Do you guys ever read the actual articles posted here, or just the headlines? It says they won't be exactly the same visually.

f7897904180d ago

The headlines are all we need. Then we argue over it!

Eamon4180d ago

To be fair, Nowgamer always uses quotes for headlines in order to gather attention from people.

I mean, the quote "It's the same game" is hardly the most important quote in this article.

TimmyShire4180d ago

Still need to play it on PC. Won't be bothering on the Xbox.

rabidpancakeburglar4180d ago

Well that's just not going to be the case but I still can't wait to get it on the 360

Snowii4180d ago

who cares as long as this game has BOOBS!

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The story is too old to be commented.