Dark Cloud & Dark Chronicle HD remasters for PS3?

The remasters is the big surprise of Level5 to the event "Level5.World".

Rogue galaxy may be included in the remasters HD.

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Abash4235d ago

I'll believe it when I see it

BakedGoods4235d ago

I heard Dark Cloud was good. I couldn't buy into Dark Cloud 2--it wasn't 'dark' enough.

newleaf4235d ago

Why must everything be dark? Why can't it be Baby Blue Cloud or Brightly Coloured Rainbow Chronicles? I mean they did it with White Knight Chronicles and those games turned out...oh...oh, um never mind.

just_sayin4235d ago

I liked WKC can't wait for WKC2 to drop.

Godchild10204235d ago

I loved the Dark Cloud Series and I know my Cousin would love to play the series again. Please make it happen!!!!

blackburn104235d ago

Dark Cloud for the win. Sony, make it so.

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The story is too old to be commented.