PS3 In France Gets A Significant Boost In Sales

100.000 PS3 sold in France Within a Month.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today by the means of a press release to have sold 100.000 PlayStation 3 in France since 12 October 2007.The French market answered with enthusiasm ever since the introduction of the new PS3 40 Giga model priced at 400 euros. Sony France had this to say,
"Our factories are in full production mode to meet this high demand and to avoid any out-of-stock condition. Our initial objective of selling 500 000 units come December 31 will be largely exceeded and give way for a season record in sales, ' declares George Fornay, chairman of SCE France and Senior Vice-president of SCE Europe.

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Jamaicangmr4925d ago

This is good new really farther shows that the high price was Sony's main obsticle.

TheHater4925d ago

not only that, but great games are finally coming out for the system

King20084925d ago

Seems to be hitting there stride in all territories so i'm glad they are selling well. More n00bs to pwn in COD4

Danja4925d ago

In all honesty I think the PS3 has done well...for beign priced at $600..and with the price coming down things are only looking better for Sony which means only good stuff for us PS3 owners

gamesblow4925d ago

Great news for Sony, that's for sure. Ratchet & Clank has sold nearly 150,000 units in under 2 weeks of it's "offical" release. That makes it the 2nd fastest selling game for the system. Japan is going to lap it up this week too. It'll go on to sell a million for sure.

I hope more people buy into Warhawk than they already have too. I want that game to be hugely successful cause Sony needs stuff like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.