Sony Responds to Euro PS3 Delay

Sony UK "extremely disappointed at news", while Kutaragi doubts any "serious damage" to PS3 business.

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Boink5868d ago

so what is he saying europe is just not that important to their business?

keep up that thinking smart boy...

super bill5868d ago

yeah right shore that man is in cuckoo land.imtelling you now sony are dome in europe.the 360 rules europe now.

shotty5868d ago

I think the soccer deal microsoft did in Europe pretty much did it for sony. They can't launch in Europe with no soccer games for the next 1 year.

specialguest5868d ago

"Altogether, I do not think this time delay will cause serious damage to our PS3 business".

someone needs to smash a brick on his face.

slugg5868d ago

animal in the world will eventually quit coming when you call it if all it has to look forward to for licking your hand is a kick in the face. Way to go, Sony. Now it makes sense why they didn't show up at Leipzig-- they don't give a sh1t about Europe or European gamers....

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