Konami Contradict Themselves…Again.

Pretty dissapointing, after saying there would be a release date of November 19th for the patches, they've now made "no comment"

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Excalibur4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

When they announce MGS4 for the

Komrad4932d ago

no comment means "no patch nov 19th?". maybe, but its hardly contradictory.

solar4932d ago

way to bust ur ass to help ur customers that bought ur product. helped u make some nice loot off the mgs series...get off ur butts and help our uk mates!

Bladestar4931d ago

Please say you are going to boycot konami's games... and that you are no longer buying their games.. (as you do with all developers that have problems making games on the PS3)... Please give them a reason why they should make the game multiplatform.

solar4931d ago

im not going to boycott til after MGS:4 :P

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4931d ago

Bladestar, that was a horrible comment. At least Konami's games arn't total crap like Ea's.

If anything all gamers should boycott them due to the lack of quality in their games (for all consoles).

HeartlesskizZ4931d ago

Im having no problems with the demo I hope the game be the same when is out here in NA

Snukadaman4931d ago

You think if there was a patch for framerate problems madden 08 would of been patched up months is more popular in europe and is a big chance too sell consoles....imagine if halo 3 had framerate problems...this is the equivalent of that.

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