Haze given December 14th release date

Ubisoft offers up an updated release calendar, confirming Free Radical's FPS for release just in time for Xmas.

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gtgcoolkid4964d ago

I will need finish Uncharted so I can get this and UT III.

resistance1004964d ago

14th Is the european release date. I got an email from game today updating my HAZE preorder

jahcure4964d ago

This game just went from a "may not buy" to a "may buy" all because of it's timing. With a December 14th release date they actually improved the appeal of the game with it not being so close to other big titles as it was with the previous release date. Good move by Ubisoft.

resistance1004964d ago

To be fair it would have been silly for Ubisoft to release HAZE so close to there other huge title this xmas (aka Assassins Creed). So i suspect that is one of the main reasons they've selected this release date

Beren4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

I would like to read more about Haze (i mean no harm) but i don't like shooters. Anyone have a linky to read more about it?
Thx in advance :)

EDIT: all i can find on the net are the weapons :/

Chubear4964d ago

You kinda make it sound like you HAVE TO like shooters. You don't have to like every game others like you know?

Hey, the FF series are incredible and I love that such a game garners great respect but I don't like JRPGs. I tried FF VII and then FF X to see if I could get into it but it just wasn't for me.

If shooters aren't your thing then no biggy. Just play what you enjoy and let others play and talk about what they enjoy. I mean, doesn't that make some kind of sense?

THE_JUDGE4964d ago

out as long as its coming out this year and before Christmas!!! I 'm getting it.

jahcure4964d ago

Haze looks good but i can't see myself coming off COD4 online to give haze the kind of love it may require. I mean COD4 has effectively pulled me off warhawk for the moment and that's huge because not even Halo 3 did that. I'll give Haze a play through for the campaign but as far as online goes, i think i'll be very much occupied with COD4 until the release of unreal tournament 3 and even that has to be REALLY REALLY good to kill the COD takeover

Chubear4964d ago

lol, I really don't understand gamers like you jahcure. You mean to tell me you can only play one MP game at a time? I guess everyone's different.

fredy4964d ago

ever heard of casual gamers?..

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The story is too old to be commented.