Why A Game Like Haze Deserves A Proper Remake

Park @ CD writes: Haze was supposed to be a major PlayStation exclusive that pushed the shooter genre forward but quickly, and rightfully floundered. yet, we believe it deserves a second chance, and here's why.

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Knushwood Butt1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

It was average at best, so yeah, fundamentally changing the game would be justified.

morganfell1113d ago

One of the worst things about the lead up to the game was the dev team's open exposure of the central story moment in the game. They did far too many videos attempting to drum up support. For them to openly state, "And the big secret of the game is this moment where..." I was dumbfounded. I personally could not believe the idiocy of those people.

sprinterboy1112d ago

Biggest let dwn last gen for sure

Minute Man 7211113d ago

The controllers were awfully bad. I remember when Sony fanboys were hyping this up as the Halo killer 😂😂😂

Elwenil1113d ago

I remember when Xbox had games...

Becuzisaid1113d ago

I normally ignore console flame bait, but I can't not laugh at this.

AnubisG1113d ago

Hahahahahahahaha. That was way too good. This is the defenition of BURN!!🤣

zaherdab1113d ago

Remember your promise to merino!!! remember the promise

ZombieKiller1112d ago

Ouch! I felt the burn on that and I'm a Sony fanboy

Minute Man 7211112d ago

OG Xbox? Because the 360 was lacking exclusives

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PhantomS421113d ago

I remember that too. All they had to do was wait until Halo 5 for Halo to kill itself.

Razmiran1113d ago

I just made the same joke without seeing this, thinking I was so original
I feel like an idiot

Bathyj1113d ago

No real PlayStation fan said that. The media did. Same goes for Killzone for that matter.

deno1113d ago

You still around bro? wow I feel old.

Bathyj1113d ago

Damn, you're the second person you say that to me. I need to show my face more.

Yeah still here. 11 years now.

morganfell1112d ago

11 years. I feel like a spring chicken with my 10...

Bathyj1112d ago

Ha. Let's hope not. Although those were real trolls at least. Today's trolls are just lazy.

monkey6021112d ago

I recently terrified myself too when I realised how long I've been here. I'm joining you in the 11 years club lads and it's definitely making me feel like an antique.

Ju1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Oh boy...True. How long has it been...

Highlife1112d ago

I've been around for 8.5 years not sure why pretty much the same old garbage. Guess I'm just hoping to see new game info but usually get crap.

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Razmiran1113d ago

Time went on to show that halo didnt need a killer, it killed itself

MetalGearsofWar1113d ago


sad, but true comment

Dark_Knightmare21113d ago

Yeaaaahhh I don’t remember that at all but whatever makes you feel better in your imaginary war

MarineLineman1112d ago

Eh, he’s not entirely wrong. Those of us PS users that were actually around in the early PS3 years were a tad desperate. The only really good online exclusives at the time we’re Resistance and Warhawk.

Imalwaysright1112d ago

You weren't here to see it but yes this game was being hyped as the Halo killer as was Killzone.

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TheGamingArt1113d ago

Maybe a reboot, but it was mediocre

Ju1112d ago

I enjoyed playing it. It was way better than it was received. Not saying a block buster, but not that bad. A bit tuning here and there and it could have been a great game. It had ambition.

LucasRuinedChildhood1113d ago

I really liked the concept (the suit was pretty damn cool) but it was poorly executed overall.

Fist4achin1113d ago

It had potential, so maybe a reboot or reimagining would be awesome.

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