Sony drastically cuts PS3 launch allocation

Tokyo (Japan) - Problems with the production of Blu-ray's blue laser diode forced Sony to cut the launch availability of its next generation video game console Playstation 3 from 2 million to 500,000 units worldwide, according to report published by AP today.

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Jay da 2KBalla5865d ago

hahahahahahhahaahahahahahahaah aaa. 500,000 units worldwide. This is going to go down as the worst launch in history as far as supply goes. lol This will be 1000x worst than 360s launch. lol

There will definitely be 10 million+ 360s sold this year.

Chewy 1015865d ago

This is VERY amusing. Thats what they get for trash talking about the 360s release.

player 15865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

double sku's, online service,
maybe sony got so much in the habit of copying MS they decided to attempt Microsofts 'suck balls' launch aswell.

seriously though does anyone else think theyll manage 6 million by march, or are they just saying that for the shareholders

slugg5865d ago

You admit Sony is a bunch of lying copy-cats and try and bag on the 360 at the same time. No matter what you say, Sony's fu(ked up launch is THEIR FAULT and THEIR FAULT ALONE!!!

BlackCountryBob5865d ago

The chances of Sony producing 6 million PS3's by March are at best slim and if they do manage to achieve this then I wanna know that if they have had 5 years to plan and develop the PS3 and could only get 500.000 out the door by crimbo how are they gonna make a further 5.5million in 10-12 weeks? I am willing to make a bold statement here, PS3 will get delayed in Europe again as Sony will wanna feed demand in Japan and USA first, just like how us Europeans got screwed with the PSP launch! PS3 European launch date will be October 20 2007 with GTA4 as a launch title and Halo 3 will get an EU release on the 360 the week before or after this!

slugg5865d ago

Where are all the Sony fans trying in vain to defend a company that has proven over and over they could give a sh1t about their fans, gamers, or consumers in general? How can you spin this? All along 360 fans have been right-- Blu-Ray was a mistake, caused the first PS3 launch delay, and now is causing allocations to be cut by 75% in the US and Japan, and delayed completely in Europe. Just watch-- the first systems that do come out will end up having systematic drive failures, far worse that the 360's minor overheating issues, and Sony will STILL refuse to admit any problems, etc.
Kaz and Phil should learn how to play Taps.

PS360PCROCKS5865d ago

this is really odd for them to do, this isn't enough for one state in america, and not even enough for one family in Japan

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The story is too old to be commented.