Microsoft on Silicon Knights vs. Epic, Rare's DS work, and more

In Part 2 of an interview with DevelopMag, Microsoft Game Studios' general manager Phil Spencer discusses what Microsoft thinks of the Silicon Knights and Epic legal spat, why letting Rare develop for DS will aid MGS' design skills and how the company is catering to the widened games market.

Questions for Spencer include:
• How is MGS handling the lawsuit between Epic and Silicon Knights?
• How does MGS deal with an internal team that wants to make a game for a rival's format? (i.e., Rare for DS.)
• Would MGS let other developers take Rare's DS route?
• Is MGS planning expansion in the UK or Europe?
• Is MGS preferring the third-party partner/first-party publishing deal route?

The interview also touches on many Microsoft's first/second-party titles: Too Human, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, Scene It?, and more.

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jackfatal4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

the rest is a junk!
and uncharted is much better in every way than mass effect

well! ps3 has quality games!! 360 have also but its all on pc or ps3! and they are all shooter games!! BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bluebrad19744934d ago

The 360 has more of just AA titles than there are TOTAL GAMES in the whole ps3 library.

So by your analogy, if the 360's library is junk, then the ps3's library is a rotting, maggot infested pile of dung.

OOG FunK4934d ago

get off your fanboy thrown u troll like honestly all of you people need to get a life...they are different types of games and are different style types so shove both of these games straight up your A$$

UltramanJ4934d ago

Nintendo sells Rare to M$ for $375 million, and they still wound up making games for Nintendo.