Shadowgrounds offered on Steam for free

Play TM reports:

"Those pre-purchasing the forthcoming action title Shadowgrounds Survivor over Steam (on the PC) will gain access to the full original Shadowgrounds for free - news today informs us.The expansion to the top-down alien blast 'em up costs 19.95 USD, and certainly spruces up the original experience somewhat, perhaps therefore inspiring Frozenbyte to give away their first stab."

Survivor includes three new characters with various new attributes, a new RPG informed weapons system, new automated foes (Sentries, Mechs, etc), more polished visuals and even buffed-up physics. There's an editor and couple of new play modes, too.

The full campaign mode will see our three heroes joining up with the rest of the human race to do battle with the aforementioned aliens, while the new Survival mode is all about arcade-style basting fun, as you tackle the hideous tyrants in waves.

More on this soon.

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