Molyneux Loves That 'Kinect Is Less Precise Than Controller'

NowGamer: Fable developer thinks Kinect brings an 'element of realism'.

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iamnsuperman4313d ago

"One of my favourite things about Kinect is that it’s not as precise as a controller, but that makes sense. You’re on a horse – you can’t turn 180 degrees easily so there’s an element of realism about it and that realism will carry over to the horse," added the veteran developer".....Huh???? Isn't that to do with gameplay mechanics and can be implemented into controllers. I am not sure this guy has ever rode a horse before because that statement makes no sense

mac_sparrow4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

yet people moaned like hell when a dragon didn't turn like an F-18 in Lair...

Not saying Lair was the best game ever, but it certainly was understandable that the dragon had a turning circle.

JohnnyMann4204313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Lair's problem was that it sucked and wasn't fun. The controls were only part of the problem.

Dragons are not real and Lair was not a Dragon Simulator so why the need for clunky controls?

mac_sparrow4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

"Dragons are not real and Lair was not a Dragon Simulator so why the need for clunky controls?"

Firstly, I never said the controls were clunky, I had no problem with them, they just required a little finesse. You're right, Lair wasn't a dragon simulator, but the dragon had a rider. What kind of leg muscles would he need if the dragon could turn like a fart in the wind? (This was added for some light heartedness, I know of the existence of harnesses)>

It was how the game was designed, whether you feel thats good or bad, the way the dragon moved had a bearing on level design and the reverse is also true.

Baka-akaB4313d ago

i wish people would give it up with Lair .

Even when accepting the faulty controls , and spinning it so hard to make it looks positive , pre or post patch ... the game itself was pretty , but repetitive , boring , and lacking much flavor .

It's even more apparent when you try most other dragon flying games .

Panzer Dragoon was fun and excellent , Lair isnt .

Drakengard/drag on Dragoon 1-2 , were pretty good too . Average graphics , but an excellent plot with immense twists , and a good gameplay overall .

Drakan on both pc and ps2 was still a sweet combo of 3rd person action game AND dragon flight action .

Lair is just a subpar game , not always easily forgotten , because of its graphics , but pale compared to any of those 3 series of games

mastiffchild4313d ago

Lair didn't "suck"-it just had unrealistic expectations on it's shoulders. Expectations that no game at the time would have lived up to let alone a title with flaws and with Sixaxis forced down everyone's throats too. Had Sony allowed the normal controls patched in later to ship with the game who knows how it would be seen today Personally I think it's a better than decent game once you either get used to the motion controls OR had the traditional ones to use-and I just wish that Sony would get someone to give it a trophy patch so a few more people actually might play it and it get away from the duingheon of flops where it doesn't really belong.

It was a victim of circumstance rather than of it's own issues-the timing and decisions surrounding it's release contributed to it being seen as this awful experience which, really , it shouldn't have been. Had they included both control methods from release AND allowed us a minimap so we KNEW when we'd got turned around in aerial combat there would have been no gameplay issues for me and the great touches in the level designs would have been allowed to shine-it STILL looks good today and sounds AMAZING.

I don't oput it alongside games like Haze and Too human when it comes to disaster exclusives of the generation and honestly think there's a good game in there waiting to be seen by a lot of people who either believed the press(who ahd ludicrous expectations for PS3 exclusives back then)or gave up after two minutes of trying the sixaxis controls which, faitr enough, might not be for everyone.

TyrionL4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

(Disclaimer- The following is just my opinion.)
@ mastiffchild
Dude it doesn't matter how bad you wish it wasn't true, or how big a wall of text you write to try and prove otherwise. Lair does suck, period. It was a boring game. I don’t care how many other horrible games you compare it to it wasn’t good. I’m glad you could find some fun in it, but to most everyone else that wasted money on it, IT SUCKED. It was a bad game, and I don’t understand why you would feel the need to try and convince unsuspecting gamers to waste their money on it. I paid $7.99 for it and it wasn’t worth it to me. If you are the type of person that can make yourself find the good in any kind of POS game, you may want to give it a try, but if you don’t like repetitive, just plain boring games that people will try to defend just because it’s a PS3 exclusive, this game is not for you. I guarantee if this was a 360 exclusive Mastiff would not be flying to its rescue, writing a wall of text to defend. I can give any game a chance, hell I am the type that even likes Crackdown 2, but this game does SUCK!!!

Just to make one more point, Just because you like a game does not automatically make the game suck resistant to others. If my little sister like Barbie: Horse Dream 2, does not mean that it doesn’t suck. I hate when people try to justify a game the masses have declared horrible with their personal opinion. It’s pretty arrogant of them to think just because they liked it that others should as well, and that there opinion overrides that of thousands.

JohnnyMann4204313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Wow... you guys are on crack. I was a day 1 purchaser of PS3 and Lair. Lair sucked. Disagree all you want but most of the damn gamer world knows it is a pile of sh*t. Check metacritic or anything else, idiots.

I'd say a 53 on metacritic is pretty damn horrible.

And to mac_sparrow.

I said the controls were clunky. When in the hell did I say that YOU said it. The controls were sh*t then and they are sh*t now. Get over it.

Don't go telling PS3 owners that this game is worth 2 cents because it isn't. The game should have rocked, but it completely sucked... end of story.

Liking PS3 exclusives is one thing, Being an idiot and sticking up for garbage is another.

mac_sparrow4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

insults and a link to metacritic (reviews, like opinions, are subjective, are we not allowed our own as you are yours?). Two sure fire ways to get your point across in a reasoned manner.

Oh and by the way, we said it was average, 5 out of 10 is considered average by all those who realise that a system that considers 7 average is inherently flawed.

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gamingdroid4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

The thing is that video gamers, they have been trained in decades of "how" a game is suppose to be and behave.

Reality is nobody can aim a gun, turn 180 degrees, or do things that fast.

Molyneux is talking about realism and games are far from realistic.

kneon4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

And when they try to be more realistic people whine about "broken controls". The fact is they just suck at adapting to anything different to what they are used to.

Most people have never touched any of the weapons used in most games and so have no idea how they should feel. I always find it funny how the Browning MG handles in COD. I've held an M1919 and there is no way you would be running around like that carrying a 30lb gun. The aiming is ridiculously easy in the games.

A couple years ago I had a tour of a massive private military collection in Europe and got to fondle many of the weapons we see in games set before 1970. I can't see any of them handling the way they do in most games. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to fire any as they were all disabled but I did get to drive a Kubelwagen.

SilentNegotiator4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Yeah, silly gamers expecting precision. It's much more realistic that things don't happen the way the gamers do them.

Seriously, stop kidding yourself, gamingdroid. Only a seriously delusional person would praise something for its faults (PM isn't really delusional, though - he just says whatever is best to be said for microsoft). Things like recoil have been doing this for years, and we don't need poor precision to come in to help us have less accurate aiming and such to be "realistic"

If this is what a gamer really wanted, they could hire someone to shoot them in the thumbs with a staple gun while they're playing.

JohnnyMann4204313d ago

Yeah P.M. losing his mind. Actually the guy is starting to make a better salesman than a dev.

Hey Molyneux! Everyone knows that Kinect is gimmicky BS, stop blowing smoke up our a$$es!

crzyjackbauer4313d ago

hes ludacris
im a 360 fanboy but hes gone crzy

Narutone664313d ago

Nice way of spinning the not so precise control of Kinect, Peter. A lot of hardcore gamers still believed the Kinect is a gimmick. MS must really be paying Peter a lot of money.

JohnnyMann4204313d ago

@ Narutone66

I think MS owns his studio, right? Or is it that they have rented him out for exclusives?

mac_sparrow4313d ago


where did i comment that Lair was something special?

Personally I found it average, something alluded to in my post stating "Not saying Lair was the best game ever".

What I was merely doing here was drawing comparisons between two pieces of tech implementation and how they were perceived.

Baka-akaB4313d ago

more like a general reply rather than aiming at you .

I've seen a few defend Lair as if just controls or perception of how they should be was the problem .

Like i said imo , even with Nauhty dogs or nintendo near perfect level controls , the game itself was just average , besides its looks . And any dragon game released before was just way better

mac_sparrow4313d ago

fair enough mate, at least we agree it was average ;)

But it'll be interesting to see what happens in reviews, as Peter has effectively made his excuses already.

btk4313d ago

Lair was a great game...
Except for the interfere-as-you-play system. If they would just allow you to play the game it would be great. But the game interrupted you every minute to decide what your next strategy should be. It sucked badly - but not because the game was good. It sucked because the devs wanted to sit on your shoulder and play the game on your behalf.

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Wintersun6164313d ago

I don't do drugs, but if I did, I'd want some of what he's having.

skyward4313d ago

I can see his point, but what he probably should have said is 'it feels more organic' or something...

fluffydelusions4313d ago

This guy should just stop talking altogether.

AngelGirl164313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Yeah i don't know which one is worst. Carmack or molyneux.

Redempteur4313d ago

Carmack actually make sense .. you can disagree to what he says , but at least his point of view is clear . Molyneux however is just trying to justify the impossible :

"Less precision is better and more immersive"

We all know it's not true

White-Sharingan4313d ago

Don't forget Cliff Bleszinski

Baka-akaB4313d ago

I can easily vouch for carmack knowing his stuff about 3d engines better than almost anyone else .

Molyneux is a legend , but even those fade away , and he's becoming more and more obsolete to me .

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