New Wii loses backwards compatibility

Nintendo has cut backwards compatibility from the just-announced Wii redesign.

The new-look Wii redesign will no longer support GameCube games or hardware, the company has confirmed.

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Genius152622d ago

Wii Slim? The Wii is already pretty small IMO. Anything smaller and it may as well be a handheld.

Not too happy about the Wii losing backwards compatibility, but at least I already have my Wii which plays Gamecube games.

Dramscus2622d ago

How do they take the backwards compatibility out of it. I thought it was essentially a gamecube in a rectangle.

Venox20082622d ago

bad move, Nintendo, bad move... One of the reasons I bought a Wii was GC BC

Genius152622d ago

But most people who have Gamecube games to play already have a Wii it will reduce costs for the system, so Nintendo may be able to cut the Wii price if they wanted to.

Also, I'm guessing this is also to do with the fact that the Wii U will be able to download Gamecube games.

forcefullpower2622d ago

I really wish companies would stop worrying about BC in machines. They should design the system as cheap as possible with the latest new hardware.

I dont spend a few hundred quid to play old games.

I think Sony should be doing what they are doing now from the start of PS4. No BC with HD remastered of the best games

kneon2622d ago

Backwards compatibility is important in the first 2 or 3 years of a consoles life as there is usually a limited selection of games. But once the release train gets going at full speed there is no longer a need for backwards compatibility.

forcefullpower2622d ago

I generally find most of my mates that bang on about BC when consoles come out never use it.

Funny thing is most of them usually sell the whole previous console and games to buy the new one. Why want something you will never use since you sold all your old games.

PygmelionHunter2622d ago

"I think Sony should be doing what they are doing now from the start of PS4. No BC with HD remastered of the best games "

HELL NO! Why should i have to pay twice for something i already own? If anything, i will sell/trade in my console to buy the new one but keep the games...

Shok2622d ago

The way I see it anyone that cares for BC should have a Wii by now. Anyone else still buying a Wii are casuals who most likely didn't own a GC in the first place.

Not defendin Ninty or anything, but it's true. But I'm sure there will still be a few hardcore gamers out there that will just now be buying their Wii's and would want BC.

iamnsuperman2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

agree no BC shouldn't' be a problem as a lot of people already own a Wii (especially if they care about BC) but the main question really is who is still buying a Wii. They are really reliable and very robust for a home consoler. The new casual thing seems to be the Kinect anyway. I can see why they have done it but will it really sell (only if it is dirt cheap then it should sell) especially with the next one coming out soon.

LadyGaga2622d ago

Did you completely miss the part where they are also removing GC hardware from the Wii? How the hell am I supposed to play SSBB without a GC controller?

Shok2622d ago

Why don't you have a Wii already if you interested in Brawl in the first place? =/

Seriously dude, it came out in '08.........

AWBrawler2622d ago

#1 if you wanted that, you should already have a wii that supports that.

#2 use the classic Controller

capcock2621d ago

I have a wii with Gamecube BC :3
It's BS that they'll remove it on newer models though, I prefer the gamecube's smash bros and mario kart for example.

+ Teh only way to play smash bros is with a GC controller too :/ seriously the gc controller is like made for smash bros the classic controller sucks in comparison.

Errod882622d ago

A slim Wii are you kidding me look at the thing its already tiny.

CNXN2622d ago

if u haven't bought a wii by now... does it really matter, as they say "everyone and their grandmas own one"

so if you really gave a shat about GCBC for that matter you should already own one.

LoaMcLoa2622d ago

True, but still, what a lost!

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The story is too old to be commented.