Top Five - Most Bizarre Video Games

Also known as: “WTF, Japan?!?” This list is here to commemorate the five most bizarre video games ever made. I would say more, but really, I don’t want to take away even a little bit of your mental acuity for this one: you’re gonna’ need all of it so that your head doesn’t implode.

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CrescentFang3080d ago

Well... all the characters here are from Japanese games, if anyone wanted to know...

KFox1093080d ago

They're not characters, they're games.

CrescentFang3080d ago

My mistake, sorry about that.

Venox20083080d ago

Katamari damacy and Muscle march are good games... about those homophobic things? ...actually it's more a difference of culture ...

Cho aniki is an only game that is too much for me... too much mind storm.. :)

KFox1093080d ago

I actually mention in the bit about Katamari that it's a really good game. I enjoyed it a lot. Games being bizarre doesn't automatically make them bad in my head. In fact, I also loved Seaman and liked Muscle March from what I played.

As for the "homophobic" part: the article is meant to be humorous. I'm actually gay, so there's not homophobia involved. :]

Kyosuke_Sanada3080d ago

No Killer 7, the author truly hasn't witnessed serious weirdness yet but Cho Aniki's videos which I watched on Nocturnal Emissions back in the day was hilariously disturbing.

Venox20083080d ago

God hand I think could be in this category too... and it's a damn fun game! warioware titles too!