Alien Spidy for PS Vita

Dualshock Nexus: Many games were shown off at Sony's Gamescom press conference, however one of them seemed to try and crawl away from us. This game received a small promo during the conference, but a gameplay trailer has recently been made available. Say hello to Alien Spidy.

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OllieBoy3078d ago

Really like the artstyle.

Treezy5043078d ago

Yeah it looks dazzling in HD

Misterhbk3078d ago

More of these indie type games will make the Vita irresistible. they're fantastic but can still be purchased for a cheap price. Casuals will eat this stuff up because of the prices. The core gamers will actually appreciate the innovative gameplay the indie devs tend to bring. It's a win for everyone.

TruthBTold3078d ago

I saw this game before. It was on TVE, a channel in Spain, about a kid who wanted to get a degree in video game design and went to a gaming studio in spain to get an idea of what the industry is like and they showed this game but didnt show who it was being designed for. Nice to see it come to Vita. Looks interesting.

Treezy5043078d ago

I really wish they would have shown more of the other titles in development. Oh well I'm sure more videos will start popping up sooner or later.

ehandlr3078d ago

There are videos out for F1, Tag, Asphalt Injection and Escape Plan so far. Also a confirmation of Lumines apparently.

synchroscheme3078d ago

I really like the kooky feeling of the game's art style.
Looks like it'll shape up to be a fun game. :)

clrlite3078d ago

This is an amazing art style and color pallet and will look STUNNING on the Organic Light Emitting Diode(oLED) display of the Vita.

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