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The Controller Online writes: "On October 11th, 2011 North America will be able to get behind the most realistic virtual steering wheel they have ever seen “Forza Motorsport 4″. Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 have developed not only the greatest looking racing game, but they have created the best user experience in a racing game, ever! How? you might ask. Well, keep reading to find out. Have you ever heard the expression “A little goes a long way”? Of course you have, and guess what? So has Turn 10, and because of all the little details they put into this game it will be graphically more advanced than any other racing game you have ever seen".

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EarthLover3077d ago

This alone is worth buying a 360 for !!!!!

mcstorm3077d ago

I agree with you. In my eyes this game is not about 360 vs ps3 its about cars. Anyone who picked up gt5 should pick this up when it is out as this game just like gt is about cars. I also like the way that they are making this game for everyone too. This should help make the forza name get even bigger.

Dee_913077d ago

lol exact reason I have 1 now
Im ready to see some good gameplay tho

MintBerryCrunch3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Why didn't you embed the video?


Man, that was a classic on GT2. I wonder if they will do more tracks in that setting besides the one in the Bernese Alps, something with the town Grindelwald included would be such nostalgia.

NealCaffrey3077d ago

"Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 have developed not only the greatest looking racing game, but they have created the best user experience in a racing game, ever!"

I agree.

EarthLover3077d ago

Well I havent played it yet, but from the looks of it, it just may be the best looking game ever made when in Autovista mode, and one of the best racing games ever on console for sure as far as user experience.

Dee_913077d ago

Im guessing yall saw some gameplay .. Link me !!

ironwolf3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Here is the link.

Not like it's hard to find.

Dee_913076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I want to say thanks but it seem like you were coming off like a a.hole so ima just click the link :)

damn that track looks amazing
reminds me of elcapitain

ironwolf3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Sorry, but there is a lot of excellent high def video posted here several times a week and I, for one, tend to get annoyed with people saying "where's the video" "there is no video" you'll not know what it looks like until there is video". To many fan boys are ruining the experience for everyone, I guess.

Dee_913076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

yea it sucks forza articles dont get as hot

the only reason i joined this site was for gt5 and gt5 news stayed on front page
I figured forza would be the same way

and yea I just ignore the fanboys and the ones labeling everyone as a fanboy
im gonna like what I like rather its gt5 or forza and I enjoy both which every car enthusiast should

theres enough drama in the car world alone we dont need to bring console wars into it