Bladestorm: Britxbox Review

From a visual standpoint, Bladestorm is certainly better looking than the Playstation ports Koei previously spewed out on to the 360. Bladestorm is a very good game and it manages to breathe new life into a series that was getting extremely stale. It was a gamble to make some of the changes and it certainly paid off. The wealth of content more than makes up for the average graphics, and those looking for an action/strategy hybrid should absolutely get lost in the Hundred Year's War. It might actually take that long to finish it.

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vhero4588d ago

I have PS3 and 360 version there is no differnce graphics wise the main differnce is ps3 sotres data on HDD for quicker loading times thats the only differnce I can notice I got the ps3 version as my 360 keeps crashing and I couldnt do without my bladestorm fix