PlayStation Vita: third-party titles list

Gematsu: "Ubisoft’s already announced its PlayStation Vita lineup, but what other third-party titles are coming to the new Sony handheld? Call of Duty, FIFA, and DUST 514, to name a few."

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IM_A_NINJA2840d ago

It's a pretty nice lineup, I just wish they had a Vita version for $199 or so. I don't think I can afford to spend $250 for the console and then buy a game or two....

saoco2840d ago

do what i do. start saving. been saving since the announcement.

IM_A_NINJA2840d ago

Ya, I was trying to save up but something always comes up. The delay into next year was a positive thing for me, but I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off.

I'd love to play some of those games, but the system and two games would be almost $400, which is definitely out of my price range. We'll see though, still got months to go...fingers crossed.

saoco2840d ago

i hear ya i got a mazdaspeed 3 and i cant stop spending money on it. i just bought an cobb accessport for $595.

Sticky__Rice2840d ago

Call of Duty would be fun with Vita. Something to play on the road get me? And Assassins Creed!? My goodness! Third Party Software isn't too shabby ya?

kunluncat2840d ago

If there are some JRPGs, it will be excellent.

ddkshah2840d ago

Dust 514 is the biggest surprise for me :D

Beetey2840d ago

Ya they had said the PS3 version could interact with the Vita but now it looks like it will be a full game.

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