Gamasutra - What's Next For Sony's PlayStation?

Christian Nutt writes: Sony Europe's Gamescom press conference -- at which SCEE president and CEO Andrew House announced a $50 price drop for the PS3 -- saw the company showcase its breadth as a platform holder once again.

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M-Easy2840d ago

Great games, prosperity, great games, momentum, great games, exciting hardware, oh and umm great games.

firemassacre2840d ago

always about those games.

WhiteLightning2839d ago

Considering back in 2006/2007 when the PS3 had "no games" and this site was a 360 pro site going on about exclusives and graphics.......yeah it will always be about those games because that's what gamers want

GrandTheftZamboni2839d ago

I think firemassacre forgot to put "/s".

sikbeta2840d ago

The only thing that matters in Gaming, support the fanbase with More and Better Games...

KingSlayer2839d ago

Did you mention games? Who'd a thunk a gaming console could have great services AND a ton of great games.

WooHooAlex2840d ago

Games, games and more games.

Stealth2k2840d ago

The same for nintendo (and not even microsoft)


WhiteLightning2839d ago

I'm looking forward to the PS4 because Sony have shown they have leartn from their mistakes

The cost of a console
How to make the console developer friendly
Launch games

I like to think the PSV is Sony's way of saying "We were wrong but don't loose faith in us he's proof that we can correct our past mistakes"

GamerGuy1532839d ago

I agree 100% about the Vita showing that. In addition they're doing online features for the Vita very well. Just imagine what online they'll bring to the table with the PS4. All of my friends with only Xbox say they don't want a PS3 because of the lack of online features (though they've improved quite significantly) so that is crucial to get right next time. That in addition to your points leaves me to believe that the PS4 is going to be awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.