PS3 Has Been 'Struggling' Against Xbox 360, Microsoft Not Likely to React to Price Drop

PS3 is now $249 (in case you didn't hear). The last time Sony dropped the price on its console was nearly two years ago when the Slim model was introduced. It immediately gave PS3 a momentum boost, and that's exactly what Sony needs against Microsoft now, since the Xbox 360 continues to outsell it in North America, according to analysts speaking with IndustryGamers.

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Sinner101GR2833d ago

Too bad I bought a PS3 a while ago. Just like....everyone else?

donniebaseball2833d ago

Well, there's still plenty of room for growth, and many consumers may find that $249 entry point to be a good value, especially if they want a good Blu-ray player too.

darthv722833d ago

then again donnie, there are stand alone players from sony and others at better prices. Consumers looking to get the ps3 for gaming more than likely got one when the slim came out.

At this price sony are doing the regular. Look at cost cutting to stimulate sales. If it was at 199 it would be the same thing. At some point the price of something is almost disposable. Meaning if it breaks then you arent out as much as if you bought it when it first came out.

I can see families who have one maybe picking up another to quell the kiddies. I have 2 360's for that reason. One for them one for me. They know not to touch my PS3. At this price I can afford to get them their own.

Price has a way of affecting one's perception of value. Those who bought it at $600 know its worth it. The people buying it at $250....not so much.

Biggest2833d ago

Why are you responding to a section of donniebaseball's comment? He said "especially if they want a good Blu-ray player TOO". There are zero BluRay players on the market that offer both movies and PS3 gaming aside from the PS3. The PS3 is a better value than ANY BluRay player at ANY price.

gamingdroid2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

***There are zero BluRay players on the market that offer both movies and PS3 gaming aside from the PS3. The PS3 is a better value than ANY BluRay player at ANY price.***

Not if you don't play games!

Gasp! I know what a shocker! :D

But yes, if you want a gaming and blu-ray, hands down there are no other options.

Washington-Capitals2832d ago

Im sorry, you obviously have no knowledge about bluray players. People who actually are movie/home theater fanatics would buy a higher end bluray player for the specialty audio and video features a ps3 or other lower-mid range players dont offer.

MaxXAttaxX2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Whatever dudes
2 mil is hardly a struggle. It's all PR talk.


@ gamingdroid
""Not if you don't play games!
Gasp! I know what a shocker!""

What's the point of stating the obvious?
Both 'Biggest' and 'donnie' were talking about people wanting a gaming system AND Blu-ray player. Not just Blu-ray.

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NatureOfLogic2833d ago

WOW, someone predicted this in another article and 30 min later Boom.

newleaf2833d ago

Lol yeah I just read that too, I think it was nix

firemassacre2833d ago

hell yes sinner, im buying the 320gb infamous 2 bundle day 1. and "struggling" lol, how dumb, ps3 is top dog in ww sales.

SJPFTW2833d ago

learn to read. struggling in the North American market. just saying

skeletonss2833d ago

says the man with one bubble.

AAWELLS092833d ago

Where are you getting your info? According to this site. In worldwide sales PS3 is behind Xbox360 not by much but it is with Wii in first.

Aggesan2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Haha, u used vgcharts as reference!

phinch2833d ago


ps3 has been above the 360 in sales pretty since release of the slim ps3 (WW) yeah 360 has 3 million more sales overall, it also had a year head start, wont take long for the ps3 to overtake

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Anon19742833d ago

"PS3 Has Been 'Struggling' Against Xbox 360"

Shouldn't that read more along the lines of "It is no secret that the PlayStation 3 has been struggling for some time against the Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America" like the quote says?

Everyone knows the PS3 has handily outsold the 360 worldwide ever since it's been available worldwide. Why the flamebait headline? I'd expect more from IndustryGamers.

Anyway, I called it months ago. Gamescon, PS3 price drop. The only question was if it would be $50 or $100.

egidem2833d ago

It might have been struggling against Xbox 360, but NOTHING compared to how much struggle the Xbox 360 has been experiencing in places like Japan.

xabmol2833d ago


I literally just bought my PS3 a few weeks ago...

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

...Please tell me that title is a joke because the PS3 has been doing anything but struggle.There's so many games coming out that I don't even know which ones to buy yet.

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fluffydelusions2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

For a site called industrygamers they sure don't sound like they know much about the industry. MS will drop the price, no question.

donniebaseball2833d ago

Umm...if you read it, it's not an opinion by IndustryGamers but comments from analysts about how MS will or won't react.

Buff10442833d ago Show
jdfoster002833d ago

Have you seen patchers anylists about how MS will react?

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Zir02833d ago

MS has been dominating WW ever since Kinect and this price cut won't change that.

Im sure they will still cut price just for the final blow to the PS3/Wii before next gen.

Godchild10202833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

If they do they will either have to cut features, lose money on each console sold or charge more for live. That is my opinion and they might not have to do any of them.

I just think they need to drop the 250GB to 250 USD and they are good. I might be wrong but I don't see a price drop from them until next year. They have the Gears 360 and the Star wars 360 coming and they would have to drop the prices for those by a bit and I don't know if they would want to do that. Consumers would be happy but I don't know if Microsoft would be.

@DiRrY, Majority of that comes from revenue made from Xbox live members, purchases made from the marketplace and not solely from the console itself.

DiRtY2833d ago

The Xbox divison reported a 1.36 billion USD profit for the past 12 months. I think there is room to cu a price.

NukaCola2833d ago

PS3 has outsold 360 WW every year. Only in America the 360 holds any ground. This drop with pretty much close the gap. You ought to buy one. You may enjoy it.

solid warlord2833d ago

Not in England, in England XBOX 360 is winning and England is the second biggest gaming market in the world. Worth all europe combined. Top 10 games sold on consoles have been in XBOX 360.

JeffGUNZ2833d ago

Yeah you're missing the point. To a lot of the PS3 fanboys on this site, Japan is the world.

Zechs342833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )


This guy...

Source. For anything. Please.

--Onilink--2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

lmao final blow??? since when are the PS3 or Wii dying that they are going to get a "FINAL BLOW". Funny how some things work out in the minds of little kids. The PS3 is doing just fine, the 360 is doing fine and the Wii outsold the competition by so much that Nintendo could struggle for like 5 years without anything new and they still wouldnt be close to a "final blow"

Information Minister2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

@ Ziro:

I know I'm feeding the troll, but I just have to ask... How exactly is Microsoft supposed to deal the "final blow" to the Wii, considering Nintendo's system has outsold the Xbox by over 30 million units worldwide?

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iamnsuperman2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Title should read struggling against Microsoft in North America. The rest of the world it is doing better. It is really Microsoft who should be looking into gaining the Asian and European market. A price drop for them would be good. Just because things happen in America doesn't mean the rest of the world is the same. I would say it is likely for Microsoft to drop the 360 price.

NYC_Gamer2833d ago

They should give up on japan and focus on na\eu

TKCMuzzer2833d ago

It does not matter what Microsoft do. The price will only attract the casual gamer. If they want the rest they had better start making some games.

theonlylolking2833d ago

I know that my friends(even some that only have xbox) are getting gaming PC's because the xbox does not have enough games other than COD, halo and gears. They also are switching because of BF3

Inside_out2833d ago

Sony should of had a price drop right after the hacking debacle that cripple them around the world and also shown them in a bad light.

M$ has packaged the Xbox 360 with a great PC promotion that is killing two or three birds with one stone. You get a PC, You get a 360 S, You get windows 7 and you cater to students who are/will make up the majority of your demographic. M$ sure does know how to get things done and that is why they have out sold Sony 13 out of the last 14 months.

Sony needs to bundle the PS3 with MW3 and offer some sort of timed exclusive content to encourage the gamers to take notice.

They have dropped the price because things are not going so well...that much is obvious.

cyborg69712833d ago

Bundle with MW3 why that POS game? Why not UC3?

jahcure2833d ago

so the ps3 outsells the xbox360 globally and you say that equates to "things not going so well"

care to explain this logic?

The only place that the 360 is outselling the ps3 is in the US and even with those numbers the overall picture still leans for the ps3 and now will be even more so since this price drop.

MysticStrummer2833d ago

Sometimes I think Inside_out's name and comments are actually clever satire, because more often than not his "facts" are ass backwards.

Godchild10202833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

The hacking didn't break the platform and it's still selling as well as it did before the Hacking if not better. Most people got to experience the best of the Single player that most, if not all Sony exclusives have.

Sony is doing the same with the Sony Vaio that does just as much, again if not more with the same Windows 7 OS. So, no difference there. Sony is getting things done as well and Microsoft sold well due to the price and the fact that students follow their friends that have the same thing. Look at COD. Now that the PS3 will end up in more homes due to the price drop, I think the tides will turn a bit.

I don't see Sony doing any more timed exclusives (I can be wrong), if it's not exclusive to their platform then give it to everyone at one time. I think MW3 and other games Bundle with the PS3 will sell consoles, but this price drop is great without a game.

Just look at what they have bundled now Infamous 2 with a month of plus free. We might see that with Uncharted and hell, The Last Guardian in Japan.

If things aren't/weren't going so well they would have dropped the price a while back and not today. They are on fire with great exclusives and the backing of all third party devs and publishers on all platforms they own.

TKCMuzzer2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I am assuming your basing your somewhat strange logic on NA numbers. Sony seem to doing pretty well elsewhere.

Grab a map of the world, look at NA then move your eyes right....there it is, the world. Yes it's bigger than many realise. :/

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