Resistance 3 - New Screenshots

LusoGamer have some new screenshots of Resistance 3.

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Inzo2670d ago

Forget MW & BF, this is the game to get, played the beta and demo and loved it.

InNomeDiDio2670d ago

And still you'll get MW3 and BF3 day 1 ... riiiight?

Kee2670d ago

This game's beta was actually quite fun. I like resistance 1's online, but not resistance 2's. I think too many players ruined that game.

Though, I have to say. For an FPS game, it really doesn't have enough weapons for online play to be competitive.

The choice is clear, really. Use the bullseye and you will own. That's it. Not many guns can beat it, if you use it correctly.

Dark_king2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Deadeye and the assault rifle forget the name.Got long range and mid range covered short range with the bayonet.The triple grenades help a good bit to.
But yea It would be great if they had more weapons like a pistol of some sort.Flame thrower would be nice to,hate them leapers.Bolt action rifle thats a one hit kill in the chest would be okay if done right.
edit:Yea thats it,I use it all the time although its really my on the move weapon from one snipe spot to another.I don't really like noob tubes in most games.This one however its not a one hit kill,so I feel its okay to use.I also use it to escape that cloud it kicks up has saved my rear quite a bit.

Kee2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I hate the leapers too. But I put them on anyway, just because everyone else does. It's good for distracting the other team while you run up and give them a hedgehog to chew on.

And the assault rifle you mean is the M5A2 carbine with the noobtube on it? It's alright, I guess, but you never see anyone using it.

hardcorehippiez2670d ago

i use the carbine and getting quite accurate with it now to :) although your right its not a very popular weapon. i usually play spotter lol so im the one marking y'all. great beta so far cant wait for the game now.

MidnytRain2670d ago

I feel the Bullseye is a lot better simply because of the clear sights. With the carbine, the iron and the flash can block out a target if you're not aiming directly at them.