Xbox 360 HDMI Denied, Removed From Site

The Xbox 360 $99 HDMI cable has been killed, at least temporarily. Microsoft has denied that it exists, and the cable itself has now been removed from the EBGames website.

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BIadestarX5866d ago

Assassin's Creed... anyone? ok, this is the part where Sony fans start talking trash... and later on have to put their heads up their ass.

Marriot VP5866d ago

You think this is bad news, hahahaha

uuuunvnv25866d ago

someone prob said something a lil to early, and got in trouble.

specialguest5866d ago

oh man...this happens a lot on both sides. the funny part is reading stuff from fanboys from both sides defend it or bash it and then the real confirmed news comes along and now everyone looked like fools.

eques judicii5866d ago

The reason this doesn't matter to anyone is because it was never an official anouncement and no one ever "promised" hdmi support for the xbox 360. If it were to happen that would be awesome, but component handles 720p just as good as hdmi so there really isn't a demand for it yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.