Battlefield 3: Jet Action - Gameplay Shots in HD

Here are 16 gameplay shots in HD of Battlefield 3. Screenshots will show you Jet action from the gamescom multiplayer presentation from Electronic Arts.

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Miiikeyyy3077d ago

Don't bother looking on this crappy site, They're just screenshots from a video. Might as well watch the awesome video instead:

zireno3077d ago


that is amazing D:!!! how can anyone hate on a game like this?!! the jet dogfights look incredible, the helicopters, character animations, huge maps, seriously this game is on a whole new level!!

detroitmademe3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I wonder how good will the flight be on consoles&will it be as good and as deep as Warhawk.Yea warhawk had 3rd person infantry,the “frantic epic-War feel” but i think wat made WhK the psn legend it is were the things you could pull-off in a Whk.I mean the dogfights offered so much space to fly around in&The planes were amazingly agile im mean you could pull off a barrel roll or flips or simply change directions at the drop of a dime.I guess my concern is how smooth will flying the jets be,how much room r we console gamers gonna get to dogfight& overall will the flight experiences for Pc &Ps3 be similar 4 the most part,other than the obvious technical differences graphics drop,player count drop etc.

trippyaaron3077d ago

hopefully the heli's(and jets) aren't confusing as hell like the ones from bc2's

Miiikeyyy3077d ago

I hope they are, it stopped noobs from miss-using them. Besides, after a few test flies you get the hang of it!

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