Why ModNation Racers should race on

ModNation Racers. A brilliant idea devised up at United Front Games turned out to be a lot more than a single PS3 release. Now getting a title on the upcoming PSVita, ModNation is turning out to go far. But will it stay that way? In EGR's eyes, it will and for good reason too.

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showtimefolks2834d ago

some of their control choices weren't good like the boost button and stuff it was hard to drift and stuff

hoping that for VITA they actually make it like other racers atleast control wise

Yi-Long2834d ago

... but with so much DLC getting released for it, I never bothered picking it up.

showtimefolks2834d ago

since you can download so much stuff for free

JBSleek2834d ago

They should keep it on handholds. This game doesn't add up to a $60 purchase.

Misterhbk2834d ago

I agree that this should be a Vita exclusive but not because of a lack of value. With millions of tracks, karts, and characters to race as, lack of value is not an issue. I just think it's a perfect IP for a handheld system and can be a system seller if pushed correctly.

detroitmademe2834d ago

Your right..sortof i mainly play the games multiplayer(about 10-15 races a week) ive created a few tracks but havent done 1 recently&I feel like i made my money back 3 times over with playing time.This game is actually a great party game&you can download anyone from katy perry to the arkham asylum joker.the replay value in this game is infinite.The multiplayer races can b frustrating at times but isnt that with every game

tarbis2834d ago

I liked modnation racers. The game is a blast, but I think the game is still lacking. I'm sure they will be able to improve it more.


The only thing this game needs is more variety of weapons, that's all.

tiffac2834d ago

That sounds like Modnation Racers: Twisted Metal edition. lol!

tarbis2834d ago

Twisted Racers.... scary XD

starcb262834d ago

They need have 12 racers when you play with 3 other people. It's boring just playing with just 3 other people. That's what makes mario kart fun.

telekineticmantis2834d ago

to the Kart racing genre, kinda like LBP, things I wouldn't imagine or think would be achievable

Muffins12232834d ago

ot felt like little big planet with racing to me :/