GamesCom 2011: Battlefield 3 Co-Op Mode Announced

We've just been told an ass-tonne about Battlefield 3, EA's premier online shooter by DICE, at the EA GamesCom presser, including a brand new co-op mode that has just been announced and demoed live at the conference.

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iamnsuperman3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

They really need to sought out the voice acting. Apparently he hates cameras and is "pinning them down" also he sounds like a 14year old kid playing online. Apart from this it looks ok but nothing outstanding.

LOGICWINS3085d ago

DUUUUDE..that trailer with the jets was incredible! I'd get this if I wasn't already burnt out on modern FPS games.

iamnsuperman3085d ago

I agree that trailer did look good with the jets

erivera19943085d ago

did you guys see the Co op gameplay on the PS3! Looks Amazing!