THQ to start new game, Saints Row "largest bet since Homefront"

THQ core games boss Danny Bilson talks about the state of the publisher, and reaffirms they're "a company in transition" as they focus on more core franchises.

This November retails Saints Row: The Third and it's a "really big bet" for THQ, especially in marketing. It's "tracking really well" in pre-orders in the UK and US.

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NAGNEWS2834d ago

the sounds of the new IP's!


DeadlyFire2834d ago

THQ is very surprising to me. They change so rapidly. They were selling away studios a year or two ago. Now they are making new IPs and putting their own series on the backburner for awhile just because they didn't hit a special number with sales. Instead of trying to fix it they just jump away from it.

Micro_Sony2834d ago

They let go a couple of hundreds of people just a while ago because of bad sales for Red Faction but I think they should have waited until SR 3 hit stores because that game will sell tons, not GTA tons but enough tons.

dangert122834d ago

Thing is with gaming its become so business minded Its unreal. Its like they sit there in there blazer's look at the top selling games halo + gears +cod +battlfield etc and go the winning formula is guns =) feeling like their on to something

Some one needs to tell them the winning formula is software thats well promoted

Kee2834d ago

I'll be getting the game, just not straight away.

grailly2834d ago

If Saints Row isn't a success THQ will be in big trouble, their stock price is already a quarter of watch is was before the Homefront reviews; I bought some a bit to early :/

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