Looking back to 2011 and the arrival of Homefront

Jack writes: "Back in March 2011, the first-person action shooter Homefront arrived on the Xbox 360 from THQ, along with a storm of publicity which included a really cool live-action trailer"

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matt139930d ago

Fantastic game, shame about the terrible sequel.

LucasRuinedChildhood930d ago

The multiplayer in Homefront was actually really fun.


Devs Share Personal Touches They've Hidden in Games

Last week game dev Steve Thornton took to Twitter to ask: fellow devs, have you ever slipped something into a game you're working on that's just for you? The replies are well worth a read.

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SlashHabit1975d ago

I liked the State of Decay graphic artist whom put penises in the textures.


Homefront is available for free on Humble Bundle for the next 48 hours

Deep Silver and Humble Bundle are currently offering the first Homefront game for free. This offer will last for the next 48 hours, so be sure to visit its Humble Bundle page in order to acquire your free copy.

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yeahokwhatever2124d ago

get it! the single player is excellent and intense and the MP is pretty fun, too.

Razzer2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Uh....it’s free so...

nowitzki20042123d ago

lol at dislikes.. look at OP's name

C-H-E-F2123d ago

Ehh, PS4 needs these deals too, or consoles in general we always get discounts rarely free stuff that's REALLY free (games with gold / psplus isn't free)

nowitzki20042123d ago

Yeah its nice, Just sign up and add them to your steam. even f you dont own a gaming PC, you might one day.


8 Times First-Person Perspective Made It Ultra Harrowing

OX writes: "The first-person perspective enhances your immersion in games, letting you experience your character's adventures from right behind their simulated eyeballs. Unfortunately, it also means seeing through the eyes of your character when they get set on fire, whacked in the groin, or surgery. This would be a lot less traumatic seen from across the room, videogame, seriously. Consider the most harrowing moments we've had to endure in first person, if you dare."

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