Pure Opinion: Why Shotguns Should Be Taken Out of Multiplayer Shooters

Pure PlayStation's newest writer has a bone to pick with overpowered shotguns in multiplayer shooters.

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-Foxtrot1775d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Single weapons are not a's the same crappy system everyone has adopted, bloody loadouts

Letting people choose their weapon at the start of the map causing unbalanced problems instead of starting everyone out with the same crappy weapons and let them pick up randomly generated weapons on the map.

chrish19901774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Like the goof old days of Unreal Tournament. My God I miss that game so bad.

Abash1774d ago

If shotguns were removed from video games, Gears of War's online player base would collapse lol

Imalwaysright1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

And Resistance 1. It would be the only remaster I would buy and the only game that would make me pay for online play.


@ FunAndGun

Agreed. It was without any doubt the game I played the most in my 26 years of gaming "career" and like I said it would make me forget about my gamer principles.

FunAndGun1774d ago

Resistance: Fall of Man had such an amazing MP! Awesome!!!

WeAreLegion1774d ago

Try it out!

LabRat1774d ago

@Abash - Yes it would. But everyone starts with one and power weapons are located on the map so its a little different then loadouts at least

Kleptic1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It is basically competitive law at this point that 'weapon balance' was never an issue until load outs became standard in shooters. Like everyone is mentioning, which is actually quite reassuring (there have been countless threads in Doom's steam forums about modes without loadouts and they get run over by 'modern' players), if you don't spawn the fack in with the thing...then it DOESN'T MATTER how great the weapon is.

Instead we have this weird hybrid where shotguns are still considered OP in most games, yet are laughably unlike what they really are...I agree they're generally a mess in shooters but it all goes back to loadouts...They should split players in half within a certain range...but shouldn't be a weapon meddling with 'effective in all situations', which is what developers spend thousands of hours wasting their time with any more. Anyone remember watching what BF4 went through with this? Choked pump shotguns were somehow more effective at ranges of 25 to 50 meters...but were 'less accurate' at closer range; actively encouraging players to engage distant targets. Pump shotguns were also more powerful than semi auto variants, but the latter would also have less recoil and more hip fire stability...? Making it pointless to ever use a pump shotgun for close range... devs need to give it up, they're in over their heads with this.

Back to Doom's SS, only because it's arguably the most iconic video game shotgun of all time...right now? That thing should unfold everything within 10 feet...but instead it's effective range ends when they're no longer touching the muzzle...all because you can spawn with it, and they're trying to balance it around that. knock it off...make it a pick up...make people fight for it...and when someone EARNS it...make it blatantly obvious why everyone was fighting for it.

InactiveUser1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Good to see RFoM getting love. That's what I signed in to talk about.

Don't remove shotguns, demand balance and remove bad games from your purchase list. The original RFoM shotgun was horrible, but they eventually patched it to pretty much exactly how a shotgun should function in a game. A shotgun should be close range, a desperation shot stronger and longer range than a melee. This also assumes you're not playing a game with stupid 1hit melees from the front where the enemy runs through bullets to knife you. 2hit melee should be standard from the front and could be 1hit melee directly in the back (like a surprise, shocking attack, unexpected, undefended and lined up to hit a vulnerable area 1hit makes acceptable sense from the back).

Shotguns in a loadout game obviously need to be a bit stronger/longer range, since it's your only weapon. Bottom line, you just need to buy or spend your time on games that have a balanced shotgun if it annoys you, like the patched RFoM shotgun where they lowered the range significantly.

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spicelicka1774d ago

This is why Halo 5 MP is brilliant with equal starts. You want a shotgun? well there's one on the map and you gotta fight the other team to get to it.

yeahokwhatever1774d ago

"brilliant" lol. or, as us old timers call it "standard"

spicelicka1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

^No i didn't mean it's brilliant because of equal starts lol, I meant it's brilliant in general and has equal starts. Independent attributes. Also, Halo itself is a pretty old franchise.

Notellin1774d ago

Best multiplayer game that's been released in a long time. I agree with you adding even starts with weapons spread on the maps to be fought over is far superior to the new generation of multiplayer games.

KwietStorm_BLM1774d ago

Halo is arena based. That is why it works for games like Unreal and Quake. You can't just remove loadouts for every type of shooter there is.

spicelicka1772d ago

@KwietStorm That's true, but that also makes it a really competitive game by nature.

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psman0121774d ago

My problem isn't shotguns so much as it is grenade launchers. I can't stand people who just use grenade launchers and rack up tons of kills with no skill. At least with shotguns you have to get pretty close to the target first

UnHoly_One1774d ago

If you're going to pick a single weapon to get rid of, make it the damn sniper rifle.

343_Guilty_Spark1774d ago

Oh so love popping heads with that glorious piece of weaponry.

InactiveUser1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Again depends on the game and comes down to balance. Any game you can 1hit quickscope (CoD, Bad Company 1) needs better balance. Games where you need to 'hardscope' (fully looking through the scope) and sniper shots don't fire straight from the hip are usually examples of good snipers in games.

RFoM for example, hip shots fired randomly. A bunch of people mentioned it firing straight from the hip, but Insomniac was right on this (even though they screwed up plenty after RFoM). You had to hardscope. Hipshots or quickscoping was desperation, knowing it was very unlikely to hit, just a last ditch effort to luck out. This was before quickscoping was really talked about a bunch from CoD scrubs, but don't remember anyone not hardscoping. Anyone trying to kill you close range with a sniper in RFoM either got a lucky shot or died.

Firing straight from the hip might not be a huge issue for normal legit players, but now scrubs put targets on their TVs, so they have crosshairs in situations they normally wouldn't. So if a sniper fires straight from the hip in these games, then there's no need to aim down the sights/scope and the game becomes broken.

olliec94931773d ago

I recently started paying bf4 and it was ridiculous how most people deliberately ignore objectives so they can go sniper and crash helicopters into tall buildings so they can get a vantage point and camp the entire match. Everyone just rushes in for kills like it's COD and goes sniper because it's 'cool' or something. Every server has 1000+ tickets and zero respawn delay on vehicles and there's just no interest in strategy. Maybe it's just that I've been watching a few project reality videos but I was incensed haha.

The stupid thing about it is that snipers in that game can be really useful. The MAV, the laze and the motion detectors are all incredible support gadgets but no one seams to use them?

Majin-vegeta1774d ago

Objection!!!!As someone who mains shotties in any game that has them.If you allow me to get within your range where my gun will obviously rekt you.That isnt my fault.Thats you not being aware of your surroundings.Next time dont go in enclosed areas where a lot of shotties users tend to hang around.

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BlackTar1871774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Lol that's so not correct. A lot of games are corridors only then you have the health bar that's usually a good portion of a clip to kill compared to point blank shotgun damage. You can main the shotty but they're the easiest weapon to yield in all games which is why newbs and people who are generally less then awesome always use them.

Khaotic1774d ago

Sounds to me like it's a skill thing, while I get kills with shotties I rarely get killed by them. Like the man said, map awareness. People that are actually good rarely complain or call people noobs

BoriboyShoGUN1774d ago

Definitely depends on play style! I'm not going into a small building trying to flush out shotty users!!! I Always use assault rifles and play the mid-range game. What sickens me is when you're a mile away and the shotty kills you when you're unloading an assault rifle in their face!!! But hey it happens :D

Pancit_Canton1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Git Gud. Seriously, I've used that weapon and people used that weapon against me in various games. I've never had once complained about it. From The Last of Us, Uncharted, Killzone ,COD Multiplayer or etc. It's all about strategy, teamwork and Skills. It's not about the weapons.

BlackWolf121774d ago

I won't bother partaking in this argument because of the sheer amount of butt hurt involved, but to even try and suggest that Shotguns require any amount of skill is absolutely hilarious.

People who tend to use this argument, that a certain weapon takes great amounts of skill to use, usually means they crutch that weapon themselves. And you sound like a typical crutch shotgun kind of guy.

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