Microsoft dates Kinect Sports, Dance Central and Kinectimals sequels

Microsoft has announced release dates for its next wave of first-party Kinect titles, including Kinect Sports: Season Two, Dance Central 2 and Kinectimals Now With Bears!.

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Goozex2840d ago

LOL it SHOULD be dlc at the most but the casuals (soccer moms and kids) will never understand what shovelware is. They think the more the better.

FrogLobby2839d ago

Clearly you don't know what shovelware is if you think Dance Central and Kinect Sports is it. Shovelware typically refers to a game rushed out in favour of money over quality. That applies to 90% of casual sport and dancing games, but certainly not these two. Kinect Sports is FULL of content; easily more than any other motion collection of its type, and Dance Central is by Harmonix which is all that needs to be said really. It's easily the best of its class.

The hypocrisy on this subject is astounding; as if the yearly FPS, TPS, racing and sports sequels do anything different.

TBM2839d ago

I regard all casual crapa$$ games as shovelware. Thank god I didn't waste my hard earned dollars on this crappy a$$ camera.

StrongMan2839d ago

"Shovelware typically refers to a game rushed out in favour of money over quality. "

Uh, don't games that have less than one year in development time fit that description?

FrogLobby2839d ago

@ Strongman. It really depends on what the developers have done over that year. Harmonix could have just re-released Dance Central with 40 new songs, but they've added a ton of new modes and abilities so it's as much of a step up as one could expect from such a game.

Similarly, Rare could have just added a few new sports and called it a day. Instead they've added much finer tracking for sports such as darts, as well as over 300 voice commands (the first game had zero). Given that Kinect Sports had 10 core sports, over 20 mini-games, party play for 6 people, online multiplayer and FREE DLC, it's arguably the most bang for your buck the genre offers and this sequel looks to trump that.


No, NO, No MS, NO..... Face * Palm !!!

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