Just 400K PS3s for U.S Launch

The U.S will receive just 400,000 PlayStation 3 units at launch, according to statements made by Ken Kutaragi.

Speaking to AP, he said that two million units would be shipped to the US and Japan by the end of this year, thereby slashing the original figure by half. Just 500,000 machines will arrive at launch with Japan reportedly earmarked to receive 100,000.

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badkolo5864d ago

first no ps3 for all of europe and now only 400k ps3's for the us, its over sony.

Silver3605863d ago

They should just push back the launch. Only 500,000 units at launch? 100,000 for Japan and 400,000 for US what is that? Damn people are going to get hurt walking home with thier unit. Pre order that is now pre wait til 6 months down the road. This is horrible news for those PS3 fans.

blackmagic5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

I Wonder how many Wii's will be available at launch...

badkolo5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

what happened to the 3 million units, it was all a lie. defend sony now, defend them I dare you. They are going to go for 3k on ebay cause you wont be able to get one. Kiddies guess what, you wont have a ps3 this christmas so start begging mommie for a wii or 360.

R Swipe5864d ago

I guess that makes this console nearly as rare asa rocking horseshit.

TheMART5864d ago

Too much fun.

500.000 units in total before the end of the year? Where is the freaking 6 or 3 million gone? Ow wait the 10% to 20% yield on Cell and the problems with the BR laser urm they were true after all...

You say? 500.000 units? 360 sells 1 million a month worldwide these days. @ Christmas, they'll sell double or so. There you go Sony. No fanbase anymore

Bishop5863d ago

Thats about all the consoles MS will have in total sell at the end of the year but there are closer to 160 million people who actually purchase console, so I don't think that Sony will lose its entire fan base. I agree though this is completely unacceptable but remember MS failed to meet their launch quota as well. Leave to Nintendo to be the most reliable and yet fail to truly have any games that can make me forget the 360 or PS3. I am lucky that I reserved my PS3 in may "much like I had to do with my 360" but it is dissappointing that so many people will not be able to procure a PS3. My only true hope is that if any of the system goes out of business my favorite games won't go with them.