Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy): A quick Retrospective

A quick look at Fahrenheit and what made it such an immersive experience. Fahrenheit is also know as Indigo Prophecy in North America.

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muddygamesite3081d ago

For the Approval Guys. Your thoughts and comments will be much appreciated

usualjay3080d ago

Posted on the blog proper since N4G was down (apparently) when I tried to post it. It may sound harsher than I intended it to be. Good game but could have better.

muddygamesite3080d ago

Hey man, thanks for your contribution, I have seen your post on the blog and I have replied to it :)

Why o why3080d ago

this game was great, i wasnt a fan of omikron but this and heavy rain will make me watch their games from here on

muddygamesite3080d ago

Absolutely. They are a talented team that often get overlooked.

earbus3080d ago

I liked omikron way more i think fahrenhiet it started off good but then just got boring i never finished it just got a copy and will try to finish it heavy rain was ok but nomad soul is one of my fav games ever still have it.

Acquiescence3080d ago

It really does spiral into an abyss of absurd plot devices and ramshackle story twists, but I'll always love it because it starts off brilliantly and paved the way for Heavy Rain.

muddygamesite3080d ago

Very true. I was hoping the end of the game would at least provide some sort of Justification for the events that took place during the game. Sadly . . that wasn't the case