Adam Sessler/Morgan Webb bash Mega Man Legends 3 fans

Adam Sesler and Morgan Webb share their thoughts on Megaman Legends 3's cancellation.

The transcript,

Morgan Webb: "I don't know if I ld say long awaited"

Adam Sessler: "Or rallying"

Morgan Webb: The problem nobody cared about that game so they decided no one would buy it, so they wouldn't make it."

Adam Sessler: "Have fun rallying"

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WhiteLightning4422d ago

He did this when L4D fans started the boycott group because Valve didn't keep their promises about supporting L4D like TF2, which is fair because it was one of the points why people bought a game when we knew the game didn't have much content as a full game (but you know...in Valve we trust in everything) and what happens 6 months later, they announce L4D2 with changes they could of easily added as DLC. I mean it even spilt the community which is another one of the points the boycott group made.

All Adam Sessler did was jump on the band wagon and mocked those "cry babies" and "whiners"

Yet we can all agree that Valve let us down with L4D, they never came through, they have tried so hard to kill L4D off and at the end of the day the boycott group was mostly right.

AngelGirl164422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

We are talking about Megaman. Not L4D2. Anyway L4D2 added alot of dlc and it was free for pc users so it not a big deal.

Now morgan and adam are kinda right. Legends 3 wasn't a long awaited sequel. I personally never heard of legends until 3 was announced. He also right about rallying. Maybe a few people on the internet are but that just a small number. I don't know if this game would have been a huge seller but capcom still should have released it.

WhiteLightning4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

A lot of DLC...

A lot...

When they said it was going to be like TF2 style support. It's not even close, how many TF2 updates have their been since it launched.....over 200. We got The Passing and The Sacrafice...two DLC just to kill off L4D once and for all by killing off one of the good characters, Bill, even though more fans hate Rochelle. I'm praying to god that the old survivors are in L4D3 and the DLC was just a non cannon "What if" scenario IF the survivors had went South instead of North

It dosen't matter if it's long awaited or not, theres a lot of people out there who love Megaman and was really looking forward to it. I mean Mega Man Legends 2 was on PS1, that's a long wait for a sequel....Capcom announce it, hype fans up and then take it away from them.

evrfighter4422d ago

I hope to god that at least 5 years go by before they even announce l4d3. Talk about milked. that was an activision move they pulled.

and for the record they invited the heads of the boycott to Valve hq in Seattle where they spent the day playing the game. After they felt satisfied that Valve regained their senses the boycott was called a success and ended. This was before l4d2 launched btw. hence why so many people were playing it day 1.

now the mw2 boycott...that was just fail on pc gamers part. I was ashamed to be a pc gamer that day and am still proud to state that I never bought mw2.

Fishy Fingers4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

I thought they went to Valve, and returned with the understanding it was a worthy sequel and you were getting worthwhile amount of content to justify the purchase?

Thus making the whole petition ridiculous and childish.

Either way, this whole lot of comments are going off topic.

JsonHenry4421d ago

Right or wrong I don't care what the angry midget says. And Morgan is just eye candy so I don't care if she ever says anything or not as long as she stands there looking cute.

FlashXIII4421d ago

Save your L4D whines for therapy. This is about Mega Man Legends 3.

Godmars2904422d ago

I just say that it was unfair for Capcom to rally MM fans in the first place.

KingSlayer4422d ago

ONTOPIC: Not sure why their opinion is upsetting.

OFFTOPIC: Morgan is a blast when she's snortin' coke. And a whore.

MaxOpower4421d ago

I'm no big fan of Webb, but she's right.

In my mind, capcom did the right think. No reason to sink in money and resources, if the game is bad or wont sell.

Great games gets cancelled, but for the most part it's the bad games that dosn't make it to shells.

Tuxedo_Mask4421d ago

If they actually released their fighting games when they were complete instead of Super and Ultimate versions they could save enough money to make as many Megaman games as they'd like. Face it, CAPCOM is afraid of losing money and instead of trying to make great games they're milking their tried and true franchises.

RockmanII74421d ago

lol, remember back in 2004 when Xplay was good.

BubbleSniper4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

remember when it was just TechTV? i hate G4