Sad History of Cancelled Games: Silent Hills, Wolf Among Us Season 2, and More

Not all games make it out of the development; some meet untimely ends. Here are some of most notable games that have been cancelled in the last few years.

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william_cade577d ago

Still waiting for a World of Darkness game. It might be a long wait

Jimboms577d ago

I think the wolf among us 2 would have been one of the most incredible games ever created

Tross577d ago

Yeah. I guess the company behind the game declaring bankruptcy and laying off all its staff would do it. At least that's a tangible reason for such a cancellation.

I decided investing in some more Fables Deluxe Editions might help me feel better. By the way, what's up with Deluxe Edition Four? Is it out of print or something? None of the others seem to be.

Jimboms577d ago

I've only got volume 1 deluxe. Not had a look for 4, I guess maybe it was rarer?

Tross577d ago

@Jimbons I only had the first one too, but decided to get books 2 and 3 as well recently. It seems like with book 4 it's difficult to acquire new unless you want to pay an arm and a leg, but it can be acquired used fairly easily (though be mindful of condition). I did manage to find a seller from the UK on Amazon that had it for a reasonable price and reasonable shipping. There's also a seller in the US that has it for a reasonable price too, but as I live in Canada shipping would cost me huge (and I only qualify for free shipping on the Canadian site for obvious reasons). To my knowledge, other volumes can be much more easily acquired.

Fist4achin577d ago

Damn, starting off early this year with a sad article. The Wolf Among Us was amazing and i was looking forward to more. Maybe Telltale will sell it off so someone can continue it?!

isarai577d ago

I still ponder about Scalebound, Silent Hills, Harker, Prey 2, Indiana Jones (ps3/360), Getaway (ps3), Necessary force, Project Offset, and City of Metronome.

sprinterboy577d ago

Project offset looked great, another one was intersteller with the sharks that never came out.

Shinox577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

there's way more

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