Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC version 'is the one you should play' - dev

That's the opinion of Jurjen Katsman, founder of Nixxes Software, the developer behind the PC version of Human Revolution.

Katsman is the first to admit his bias, but he's also enthusiastic about listing the little details he feels make the PC version that bit superior

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JsonHenry3715d ago

I didn't need him to tell me this. But it is good advice.

Substance1013715d ago

eh true, getting the PC version.

BakedGoods3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

No trophies on PC. While I'm a huge multi-gamer, PS3 version for me.

@FatOldMan: Trophies are meta-gaming. Game within a game brah.

Steam achievements are great, but I'm almost leveled up on PSN. To each his own no?

And--the game isn't real either, what's your point?

Ducky3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

^ You plays games for trophies? O.o

It has steam achievements though if you really need congratulating for playing a game.

EDIT: But the meta-game is not real.

BattleAxe3715d ago

I love Trophies, but truthfully I'll probably wait a year until the price has dropped and then keep my eye out during a Steam sale.

PS: I can't wait to Platinum Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3. Theres nothing like hearing that "blink" sound when you've earned a Trophy. I like it when games have Steam achievements, but I don't get as excited about it for some reason.

RedDead3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

My first encounter with trophies was achievements on XB 360. 1 year after I had the 360 I realized how stupid I was to ever actually attempt for achievements. I have the same opinion of the Ps3's version of them. If the game is better on a platform, it deserves to be played on that platform, if you can get it on the better platform or don't have friends/multiplayer holding you back, just do it. The little upgrades sometimes turn out to be not so little, I remember getting Operation Flashpoint on the Ps3. Such a mistake, that version was a disgrace. Lazy b***ards Codemasters.

Yeah anyway, If you can get Deus Ex on Pc with Medium - high specs, get it. Don't let something as trivial as Achievement stop you. They are beyond pointless, the only thing they do is show how much of a tard you are trying to get rewarded with no actual reward or looking for bragging rights by being a sad **** and attempting to put you're useless virtual points beyond anyone elses. If a game needs Achievements to take your attention then it is not a good game.

And really don't let your experience with a game suffer for a number on your Gamer profile

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thebudgetgamer3715d ago

alright, no buy then. thanks for the heads up.

thebudgetgamer3715d ago

no, happy i save my money.

mad at my purchasing decisions?

Anon19743715d ago

Superior on your PC, maybe. Certainly not mine.

jaosobno3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Superior or not, you PC gamers sure as hell won't account for majority of the sales. As usual, console players will buy the bulk of it, so this guy should drop his bias and thank his lucky stars that people like me will fork out money for the console version of the game.

Or would he prefer that I cancel my preorder?

Letros3715d ago

Actually the console version won't give this outsourced developer any money, so they need to focus on making the PC version as best as it can be.

Substance1013715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )


How are you saving money? console version is more expensive, unless you mean you arent buying the game on any platform.


Actually a game selling 1 copy on PC needs to be outsold 2.5 times on console to equal the same profit. This is so because most PC sales are now DD.

EA is one of the biggest publishers in the industry there recent earnings report looks like this:

PC: 154M usd
360: 151m usd
PS3: 110m usd

Notice how PC is ahead of both consoles. Activision is another big publisher even they claim most of their profits are drawn from the PC market, granted most of that are from Wow.

Still thats gotta give you an idea PC is as good or better then any single console.

TheIneffableBob3715d ago

Yup, publishers love digital distribution cause it cuts out the middle man. That means like 20-30% more profit per game for them.

evrfighter3715d ago

yup 500k digital copy copies makes more money than a console game selling 2 million at retail.

developers are catching on and if you've noticed every publisher is now quick to appease the pc player base that their game won't be consolized.

In this case I'm gonna wait a few weeks until the game comes out. high res textures, adjustable fov, no mouse accel at launch would have to be in game day 1 in order for me to buy it.

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SageHonor3715d ago

I hope its not too superior

BakedGoods3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

u mad bro? your loss, the game screams GOTY.

@budget: I'm not a PC gamer. I'm a gamer. Period. One version having better lens flares won't prevent me from enjoying what looks to be an incredible experience on any platform. So like I said, your loss.

thebudgetgamer3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

the dev said i shouldn't play on consoles and i don't own a gaming pc, so i won't buy it at all.

why are you pc guys so focused on what i plan on doing with my money, play it and have fun.

TheOtherTheoG3715d ago

thebudgetgamer - The game was actually originally developed on consoles and then ported to PC by Nixxes, an outside company. How is that like saying that they aren't putting any effort towards the console version, your argument makes no sense.

BeastlyRig3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

so don't ever buy a multi-platform game ever again ok?

Don't buy BF3, MW3, Rage, LA Noire, ME3, Skyrim or any game since the pc version is better ok?

And skip ps4 muli-plat games since they won't use dx12..


it's true!

"According to the Non-GAAP numbers on their recent quarterlies, EA’s PC-based profits ($154 million) beat out the numbers from Xbox 360 ($152 million) and the Playstation 3 ($111 million)."


Glad Dues Ex devs are showing love to thoughs that made the game! Like Dice!

Bigpappy3715d ago

I do all my gaming on 360. I mean ALL. I do not game on my PC and that is by choice. My 360 was bought so I don't need to buy game on PC. If a developer is telling me that I need to play his game on PC to get the intended experience, that simply means that I need not buy his game.

I am not mad or disappointed. In fact I appreciate his blunt honesty. I like to think I am bluntly honest also.

Ducky3715d ago

In his blunt honesty, he said the PC version is the one to play because it has better visuals and due to KB+M.

If you don't already know, most multiplatform games look and perform better on PC provided you have the hardware, and FPS games benefit from KB+M.

So they aren't saying anything new, and if this disappoints you, then you're going to have to avoid a lot of games.

Kaos_Vll3715d ago

I'm with you Bigpappy, he just saved me $60 bucks. I've saved so much money from devs downplaying their console version to appease the pc elite I can't be anything but thankful.

Devs that do this must think they are the only devs on the block making great games. Newsflash they are not, and there are PLENTY of other games to spend $60 on, just my opinion...

Bigpappy3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Nah, FatOldMan. I really am not disappointed. This is not even a game I planned on picking up this year. I enjoyed Deus Ex on the first Xbox and might pick this up next year when the price drops or get a use copy.

The thing that I dislike is his choice to recommend one version over the others. If this is the version he thinks I should play, that means I would not be as satified playing with a controller. I prefer playing with a controller. He made the game, and therefore is saying that this is where his main focus is. If he had not revealed this (and he had no reason to) I might have gotten the game thinking he worked on every version to get the best result for each version. But he choosed to brag about how much he prefers the Mouse and Keybrd and said that is the best way to play his game.

I never play games with mouse and Keybrd. I can even F***g type. So forgive me if I now fell less excited about the game. He is selling the game. He is doing a shyty job at selling to people who don't like M/K. There are many of us.

@Kaos: Exactly. You are not going to design clothing to sell internationally, then go on TV and say they look much better when blacks wear them (even you are a black African). This is just dumb PR on his part.

@FatOldMan: You know what. The fact that he did not work on the console version does make a huge diffence and was lost on me for some reason. So looking at it again with that in mind makes a world of difference. It is still dangerous to make these kinds of statements though. I still got a bad taste in my mouth over the whole ordeal. Like I said, it was not a must have game for me, and this, even though I has too hard on him for promoting his version, has pushed it further south. Made be after it comes out and is well recieved, I will regain some interest. We shall see. I am not a person who chages easily. But I could admit to a mistake.

Ducky3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

^ Actually, he didn't make the game.

They worked on the PC port, and he openly admits that due to that, he's biased towards the PC side.

Anyways, its your choice. The early reviews seem to suggest that it's a game worth playing, so do check up on it later on. ;)

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kramun3715d ago

Good to see them concentrating on the pc version, other devs should as well.

Maester073715d ago

Already waiting for my Augmented edition. This game is going to rock the market when it's out!

e-p-ayeaH3715d ago

I hope that doesnt mean that the console versions suck.

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