IGN UK - Xenoblade Chronicles review

Keza MacDonald from IGN UK writes:-
"One of the Wii's first and last epic JRPGs is the best thing to emerge from this troubled genre in the past five years."

"It's always possible to innovate within a comfortable and well-established template. Nintendo is traditionally the master of this art, secreting gems of novelty within game designs that are often a decade or two old, perfected through years of iteration. Just because a game conforms in many respects to the conventions of its genre, that doesn't mean it can't do anything new, and it certainly doesn't mean that it can't be wonderful."

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music-addict2834d ago

Only 4 days left!!!!! Can't wait!!

DarkCharizard_2834d ago

Great score! Can't wait for it to come out here!!!

VampiricDragon2834d ago

This review is so full of bias,lies, generalizations

I need to remind myself you cant spell ignorant without ign.

Kos-Mos2834d ago

Please do explain in-depth. I too have a really bad feeling about most of the ign crew, but in this case please explain.

--Onilink--2834d ago

well i think its pretty safe to say he was just trolling because the game got a good score. The review its actually pretty well written, he explains everything in detail, mentions what he doesnt like, and deducts some points based on that.

Also the fact that he has only one bubble pretty much says he was just trolling and thankfully we wont see him again on this article

Istanbull2834d ago

Probably best RPG this gen after Valkyria Chronicles.

This is from the creators of Xenogears, one of the classics people! :)

oricon2834d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is a great rpg best rpg this gen dont think so, and funny how you can judge you haven't played. lol

--Onilink--2834d ago

well Valkyria Chronicles is more an Strategy Game than full RPG. Kind of like Fire Emblem, a strategy game with a lot of RPG features

TheDivine2834d ago

2nd best behind lost odyssey. Thats a real jrpg, oldschool big budget 80hrs tons of hidden weapons and skills and frigging epic. Id put vesperia and magna carta 2 above valkyria chronicles also but it was pretty great. Cant wait for this and the last story.

chadboban2834d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this game!

Styxoric2834d ago

This looks to be exactly what i have been asking for in a JRPG since FFIX.

This game will get my money.

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