XBLA's Most Wanted: Half-Life

XBLAFans adds one of the most influential shooters of all time to its Xbox Live Arcade wishlist.

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cain1412837d ago

If counterstrike can make it I don't see why this can't...

malol2837d ago

like the HELL
any stone age computer can run the first HL

Perjoss2837d ago

the same can be said for HL2 (maybe not ep2 though)

Clumzyagent2837d ago

Black Mesa remake please!

Pandamobile2837d ago

That's not possible at all.

NCAzrael2837d ago

Yeah, to hell with porting this over to the 360, just get the Black Mesa remake finished for the PC already!

Pandamobile2837d ago

They can't release a Half-Life 2 mod onto XLBA. It simply would not work for technical and legal reasons.

Pandamobile2837d ago

Or just grab it on Steam for $10

TaxExemption 2837d ago

Or if it came to XBLA or PSN people can grab it there

smmelton2837d ago

True, but lots of people prefer the console experience. I used to be an avid PC gamer but now only play PC games on very rare occasions. My point was more that many folks would gladly shell out the cash for the Half-Life experience on the 360 and that it's relatively inexpensive for Valve to do. Big bucks for Valve, a great game on a console for those who prefer that medium.

Rivitur2837d ago

Possible this is what OXM was talking about on their new release in September but, I doubt it.