The Daywalker Speaks: Wesley Snipes Interview

IGN sat down and spoke exclusively with Wesley Snipes, currently serving time, about his game Julius Styles: The International for iPhone and iPad, which is out today.

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Dramscus3079d ago

That is hilariously awesome lol

Protag223079d ago

Lol, I believe he's gone slightly mad, but I still love the guy!

mastiffchild3079d ago

I can just imagine him at his EA screening and the EA guys being all chummy to his face and then rolling about once his entourage leaves! I just hope EA finance his anime inspired scientist family mech game. Did he mean the "pre human evolution beings" would actually , like, come out of the ground to enslave us and use us for burden and FOOD? And why FOOD and not food?

ATi_Elite3079d ago

Actually the julius styles character sounds kinda cool. Sorta like Thomas Crowne but since he is a Dot.Com millionaire he would have more of a trendy cocky attitude.

Demolition man was great as well as Blade 1 & 2.
Hopefully Snipes makes it though this ordeal, makes some cash off his game (Pays his Taxes) and gets back to making Good movies.

Wesley Snipes is a great Action Star!

Tony P3079d ago

What? Crazy?

The guy has been working on a bunch of ideas for comics and games. Jaycen Wise is one of them. Omandi Mech 5 is another.

It kind of annoys me that people take this writer's crappy opinion over any kind of real research.

Like reading the original interview.

firemassacre3079d ago

that bow wuus bownd fer the ward befer he cud set his crazy eyes on ya.

Rushing_Punch3079d ago

I hear the name Wesley Snipes and immediately think of the Chappelle show skit. "F**K YO COUCH!"

Why o why3079d ago

Why, that was rick james.

Why o why3079d ago

Thats a strange connection but it happens..

Rushing_Punch3079d ago

He's mentioned in the joke. Darknesses

Kee3079d ago

I'm rick james, b***h.

CrzyFooL3079d ago

That was Rick James, bitch.

KonaBro3079d ago

Punch is referring to the part when Charlie Murphy said that before Wesley Snipes, him and his brother Eddie were the two darkest black people in Hollywood at the times. That's the connection.

Why o why3079d ago

yeah, i remember now. lmao. funny skit. I dont know anybody who saw it that didnt find it funny

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256bit3079d ago

he must be in his SIMON character.

clrlite3079d ago

I gained respect for Wesley when I realized how vastly superior Blade was to many other action movies in recent memory.

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