RAGE will use Steamworks on PC

If you’re a fan of Steamworks (who wouldn’t be?) and plan on picking up RAGE for the PC, you’re in for a treat: Bethesda confirmed by way of the Bethblog Twitter yesterday that RAGE will be using Steamworks. Hurray for cloud storage!

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BeastlyRig3087d ago

"For the uninitiated, Steamworks gives developers full-on access to the Steam client – meaning the developers have access to Steam‘s DRM, peer-to-peer multiplayer server authentication, built-in voice communication, Steam achievements, and, of course, Steam Cloud support."

Best version reconfirmed! Life is good!

ATi_Elite3086d ago

Rage + Steam = instant Purchase!!

Pandamobile3087d ago

Known this for a while. If you see that the game supports Steam Achievements on the store page, that indicates Steamworks.

caboose323086d ago

That is true for most games, but there are a few like the Witcher 2 that have steam achievements, but if bought from somewhere else, does not require the use of steam.

Motorola3087d ago

Good. Steam is awesome.

Dwalls11713086d ago

Wanna check this out but its too risky

Games like
MW3 are sure to be good..this is maybe a rent

eddvdm3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

+1 reason for me to buy it on PC instead of console version.

And +1 proof that EA is full of BS about Battlefield 3 and Steam.

badz1493086d ago

but you can't help but to buy at least 1-2 EA games per year! they are just too damn huge in this industry for any gamer to ignore their titles! for god sake, they have Origin full with their own titles!

eddvdm3086d ago

that's true, that's why I hope the unavoidable epic fail of EA's Origin comes quickly and let us be with Steam selling EA titles again.

badz1493086d ago

I don't know why you want Origin to fail. think about it; it's a win-win for consumers, I mean, the more the merrier and with competitions come great deals for gamers, right?

I don't see Origin going anywhere anytime soon. BF3 is EA's and also the industry's biggest game this year and it requires Origin. true gamer and fans alike won't just ditch BF3 just because of Origin and EA knows that. BF3 will be a huge stepping stone for Origin and I can see it's just going to be better and hope EA will not pull any stunt and be a dick with it from now onwards!

eddvdm3086d ago

I don't want Origin to succeed because I don't trust EA actual beliefs. It seems to just want money, not to please gamers.

I understand when you speak about new tools and platforms for gamers but EA just want to profit. If you open a gate like this maybe you're dooming game industry to 'I want money' companies, unfortunately.

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The story is too old to be commented.