Chronic Review: L.A. Noire

Set against the seedy background of late- 1940’s Los Angeles, L.A. Noire puts players in the role of newly hired detective Cole Phelps. Having returned from the ravages of World War II, Cole Phelps joins the police force in hopes of continuing to do some good for the world. Follow Phelps as he solves cases of the most gruesome kind (drug busts, serial killings, murders, etc.) and as he moves up through the ranks of the Los Angeles law enforcement. A game published by Rockstar, it carries the trademark open-world sandbox gameplay that the creators of Grand Theft Auto have come to be well known for. But is L.A. Noire just another GTA with a different coat of paint on it? Not quite…

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ChiVoLok02841d ago

Isn't it kind of late for a review?

KFox1092841d ago

Somewhat. I actually wrote this review some time ago and I wasn't originally planning to link it to N4G, but since I recently saw someone posting a review of Other M, I thought: "Why not?" :]

ChiVoLok02841d ago

Sounds valid at least it's not another Fruit Ninja Kinect review or what ever it's called well written btw ;)

Micro_Sony2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

9/10 wow. R* can put out an turd in a 360/PS3 game case and still get a 9 or 10.

Not saying the game is bad but it does not deserve a 9.

I think Yatzee hit the nail on the head with the flaws that this game had.


NeoBasch2841d ago

Have to agree with Micro. The game's overrated. The story and characters took a turn for the worse after Homicide. The pacing was a mess. I can't believe people are disagreeing with you. Probably people who haven't played the game. I'm thinking of writing an editorial on the first half of year in gaming, and I'll be sure to touch on this.

KFox1092841d ago

ChiVoLok0: Thanks a lot for the kind words! :]

Micro_Sony: Believe it or not, I'm actually the furthest thing from a R* fan. GTA is the bane of my existence, ha, ha!

dkgshiz2841d ago

Damn, talk about super slow reviews. Good luck fella with those video game reviews. Why even bother if you review a game that came out 3 months ago?