NES-Bit: Faxanadu Review

Drago sits down and plays through Faxanadu one of the longest and most under appreciated RPG’s on the NES, sharing his thoughts and wondering if it stills hold up today.

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richierich3090d ago

I remember finishing this game when I was 10 great memories

NES-bit3090d ago

I missed it first time round, but going back to it and it's actually a lot of fun. Reminds me of Zelda 2 more than anything.

Robaperas3089d ago

I recently finished this game, i had it when i was 8, so it was nice to finally defeat the last boss; old school effing hard game.

maniacmayhem3089d ago

This and Star Tropics were awesome games.

Damn...someone needs to redo Star Tropics!