First DOTA2 Screenshots Leaked

Yeah, you read that right. As always, click the following images to embiggen.

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malol3084d ago

for an early build
graphically .... looks freakin AWESOME !!

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Theo11303084d ago

looks like LoL, but better, I don't know what to think.

k3x3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Let me help.

These games all look and play the same. They're all equally laughable as, even though they're supposedly all about competition between players, they mostly consist of wading through 5496504306580435609548509 of AI controlled monsters every single match. They require very little skill to play, the skill ceiling is incredibly low, the controls are terribly limiting. They're kind of like a dumbed down mix of an action game and an RTS for the mentally handicapped and casuals who couldn't handle either, action or strategy, in an actual competitive title. That's what you and any sane gamer should think.

No problem.

grailly3084d ago

the problem is the "stun" mechanic. anybody else thinks that removing control from the player is dumb? it's not as if he could do anything else

Laika3084d ago

hmmm. i think the skill ceiling is higher than you think. i am very excited for this game.

k3x3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

@ Laika

OK, and you have every right to think that. When a 6'8" basketball player enters a room that's 7 feet high, he'll tell you that the ceiling is pretty low; on the other hand, somebody who's 4'5" may see it quite differently. See what I'm getting at? It's all a matter of perspective.

Laika3083d ago

oh i see. so im the short player who doesnt have skill. i see what you mean. i think you have no idea what games im used to and what skill level im at so dont get all high and mighty on me. ok? great thanks.

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darfreeze3084d ago

I like the old Warcraft HUD better but It's still nice though. :D

malol3084d ago

yah like almost all beta HUDs looks basic like that
im sure the final one is going to be even better

even tho im liking this one
its pretty simple and straight forward
no fancy not-needed stuff

Zechs343084d ago

I've never played Dota before but have it sitting in my hard drive... should I start? What's the big deal?

grailly3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I never got it... I'm trying to get into Heroes of newearth, but I just don't what the big deal is about. If you've played any STR ever, you'll find it very shallow and boring.

games you win are quite fun, but games you are losing are just horrible, you'll just want to walk away from your computer until their done.

Edit: not saying it'll be the same for dots 2, as we don't know anything about it

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