Psychics Mindblast Into 7th Dragon 2020

"Players can develop characters’ as full-on psychics with massive mental powers or go the route of mixing and matching, though the latter would come with less power. RPG fans are certainly no strangers to the balancing act between high-powered specialists and toned-down jacks of all trades." -PSLS
News on the new job class and images.

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knifefight3087d ago

Kinda sucks that this has like no chance of leaving Japan. PSP games just don't sell well enough outside Japan. =/

imoutofthecontest3086d ago

The import of the DS version was decent. Sadly, the publishing folk are probably right; I don't think it's the type of game that would sell well in the USA.

CrescentFang3086d ago

If anyone was wondering Yuzo Koshiro also returns as the composer... awesome!