Battlefield 3 Expectations and Opinions Roundup

DeltaGamer interviews some notable people within the Battlefield scene, including zh1nt0, KM Troedsson, Michael Pachter, and a variety of BF site admins and fans.

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ATi_Elite3090d ago

Getting tired of the hype....I almost expect BF3 to cure cancer and the common cold!

(probably would if sold on STEAM)

NewMonday3090d ago

for the experts here, can the MacMini run B3 with good settings?

Pandamobile3090d ago

Up bubbled for being "Funny"

Aggesan3090d ago

Not sure if you're joking or not, but no, it won't run on your Mac at all.

You must be joking though.

ATi_Elite3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )


The mac mini has an Intel HD3000 or a AMD Radeon HD 6630M depending on model and using sub 3GHZ 4 core CPu's....but everything is dam near passively cooled so the power in those parts has been stripped further to prevent overheating.

Official System requirements from DICE/EA have yet to appear but the Mac mini with an Intel HD3000 is not gonna cut it. Expect a slide show and that's IF BF3 even installs.

You might be able to run it with everything on super low and get 30FPS with the AMD 6630m.

sovietsoldier3090d ago

my opinion is don't release this game till its optimized.

Aggesan3090d ago

My opinion is release it ASAP. DICE games are always buggy anyway. It's like with Bethesda games, they're buggy but u can't help loving them anyway.

thebudgetgamer3090d ago

i expect the opinions to be full of crap.

Close_Second3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Well, whoever develops the multiplayer lobby for BF games on consoles I hope they get fired and have to go back to work at MacDonalds.

Honestly, why do console gamers get treated like $hit when it comes to multiplayer. Is it that difficult to give me a list of games being played so I can select from the list? Apparently so. I am fed up with being put into a game where lag is the order of the day (e.g. do the move to break a window and its a good half second before it shatters). No one would choose to play in a laggy game if they knew it was going to lag before hand.

EA, if you want my money for BF3 on PS3 then you had better be prepared to kiss my a$$. I work hard for my money so why shouldn't I expect the same from you?

In short. If BF3 has the same inept lobby as BF:BC2 on consoles then I'm giving the game a miss and will only buy it second hand for the single player so they don't get any of my money.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR3090d ago

expectations way to high, this game won't hold interest of gamers like COD's multi does. COD4 revolutionized mutliplayer, BF needs to do something on the same scale and innovate on top of that to be able to compete with COD, i cant see that happening, flashy tech isnt going to get this game far.

Gran Touring3090d ago

BF2 revolutionized multiplayer. And age-old tech isn't going to get COD very far so I don't get your point.

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