Tech-Gaming | Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Unlike many full-priced fare designed specifically for the peripheral, the title’s ten-dollar price and lack of any extended time commitment make it an easy recommendation for Kinect owners seeking a tasty, satisfying diversion.

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sharpsword3089d ago

I heard it not that responsive and a bit too high priced.

EVILDEAD3603089d ago

Heard that from one review who doesn't like 10 dollar games. But is comparing console prices to I-phone.

I bought Angry Birds from PSN and love it..but it's just as overpriced compared to I-phone.

The fact that Kinect 'Fruit Ninja' seems like it's also getting alot of love from reviewers is a good sign.

About to download it soon myself


deserteaglexix3089d ago

Please read the review- FNK is better that most on both elements.

coolbeans3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

"...the title's ten-dollar price and lack of any extended time commitment...."

Wouldn't this translate into the reviewer praising it for...being short (or over quickly in his/her mind)?

Bigpappy3089d ago

I hate his wording choices for a review of a game, but I agree that the game is short and low priced.

mediastudies3089d ago

I think that means you can play for ten minutes at a time. You don't have to play for 30 minutes like a lot of Kinect games.

tee_bag2423089d ago

I have this on the iPhone and it's a great game if I want to kill a few minutes. Having said that I could never see myself switching on my 360 to ever have a go.