IFC: Jonathan Blow and the Witness, part 2. Interview

The creator of "Braid" talks about the concepts informing his ambitious new game and shares his thoughts on the indie games scene.[Plus videos of his talks]

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1PC2PS333603931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

man, this dude is a pretentious IDIOT...

Dear Jonathan BLOW!!,

Braid was LAME you pole!!

You have given nothing special to gaming so get off you high horse jonathan "blow".

go write a sonnet about the inequities of man if you're so concerned about the well being of yours and others pshyce.
Video games can have profound messages and still be cool, violent and fun, they don't have to look like they were made by a junior high school student and be boring as hell for a message to get across.


The witness soulds retarded beyond measure, what is this secret?? ohhhhh I'm so intrested/...../s/s/s/s/s/s/s/

You know why I did not play braid, even when I could have bought it for $2 on steam, cause you seem like such a pretentious douche!

piss off blow!!