5 Great Games With Time Manipulation

KeenGamer: "Time manipulation concepts have been the foundation of many great games, including these 5 greats which do the them justice. Because every Back to the Future fan needs a bit more time manipulation to fulfil their time traveling fantasies."

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GamerRN543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

Im thankful Quantum Break ended up here! The only thing that stopped this game from being talked up was Xbox exclusivity and the live action scenes being way too long...

Otherwise, it's basically Control with lighter visuals

Godmars290542d ago

Isn't the AI broken? Physics issues as well?

Why, if it wasn't actually a broken game, possibly less so than Blix the Time Sweeper, would being an exclusive be an honest mark against QB?

GamerRN541d ago

Because people LOVE to HATE Xbox

NecrumOddBoy543d ago

TimeSpinner is a good time based metroidvania.

Also, Singularity rocks a a time-theme Bioshock-like FPS.