Splinter Cell HD on PS3 Gameplay First Mission (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "Ubisoft this week released the Splinter Cell HD trilogy for the Playstation 3, we’ve record footage for you to check out the new differences with the higher resolution.

We will also be having a look at the other two titles Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory in a few days along with a comparison video. "

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Incipio3081d ago

Why are you on N4G? Shouldn't you be out snappin' necks and stealing important documents and sabotaging operations?

Paragon3081d ago

Haven't you seen my latest game? I don't snap necks and steal important documents. Now I kill everyone and make a LOT of noise. Oh, how Ubisoft has changed me.

badz1493081d ago

OMG man LOL! +bubbles! XD

Blaze9293081d ago

beware to all those who play their games with the Y-Axis inverted - all three of these games (SP, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory) ship without the option to toggle invert or not.

So your only option is normal. Glad I found this out before I purchased. I can't play the game like that. Shame as I was looking forward to this for so long.

mastiffchild3081d ago

Really? Being left handed and rarely even considered by game devs when it comes to control schemes I find it amazing that you can't get used to a non inverted scheme-I'm sure you'd find it fine after a few hours/minutes of gameplay.

Just seems such a small thing to miss out on a bunch of games for especially if you were otherwise looking forwards to them. I generally end up using the default right handed control schemes anyway(so used to having them forced on us!)and am sure the non inverted y Axis shouldn't kill a game for you.

clank5433081d ago

I'm the same way, but I get used to it after a while. Going back to other games is when it gets tough.

Solidus187-SCMilk3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Thats pretty lame. I like inverted, it makes sense to me that way. Its like using the joystick for Mechwarrior. I can play normal but id rather not.

Im also left handed but I cant play with any of the left handed controls even if I try, I have to use right hand controls. I never understood the left handed controls, but I use both hands for different things so im different I guess(write left, throw right etc).

To me a controller always seemed like it wasnt something that mattered what hand was your dominant one since you use both. But not having the option to make it inverted is not cool at all. Hope they patch that, then I might buy this someday even though I had the first 2 on xbox already.

Northtouch3081d ago

@ Blaze929 I made this mistake without knowing this a few days ago :'(

I just cannnot play when its not inverted vertically. I managed to pass the first level in Chaos Theory (just). Now im half way through the 2nd but struggling.

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Raven_Nomad3081d ago

The lighting looks pretty good, but the character models look pretty bad still...

BeOneWithTheGun3081d ago

With all due respect, that looked better than half the games that have been released in the last couple years.

BeOneWithTheGun3081d ago

@kaveti Well, I rented Hunted Demon's Forge and it looked like ass. This looks at least better than that.

saladthieves3081d ago

I have a PC version installed (from Steam) and I can tell you this PS3 version looks absolutely fantastic!

clank5433081d ago

It's a pretty old game. Plus, Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow were far superior graphically to the first one. This looks great from how I remember it.

RyuDrinksTheDew3081d ago

while the up-res is welcome, i was hoping more work would be done.

no self shadow on the ground, but is randomly on the wall.

textures are still the same.

oh well.

Ducky3081d ago

Looks a bit better than the PC version... especially the lighting.

fluffydelusions3081d ago

They said it's based off the PC version

Bathyj3081d ago

When is this out on disc?

Paragon3081d ago

September 27th and it'll be about $40.

Paragon3081d ago

Wow - really? Who is disagreeing with what the set date it's supposed to release is? Somebody is trying to fight with logic.

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