Oblivion and Morrowind vs. Skyrim Character Comparison

A comparison of currently released character faces from Skyrim with Morrowind and Oblivion.

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potedude2837d ago

I remember when I first started playing Oblivion I used to stop and look at the vista's and marvel at how good the NPC's looked. Skyrim makes those characters look decidedly crap.

This game is gonna be awesome...

TenSteps2837d ago

Wait you thought the NPC's looked good in Oblivion?

The moment I saw it I couldn't help but insult the potato face look.

Kee2836d ago

Yeah, they all looked freaking alien to me. That was the one thing about that game that made me want to spew.

potedude2836d ago

Yeah when I first played it I thought they looked awesome. Many years ago now of course...

limewax2836d ago

Totally agreed, NPC's in oblivion were horrible in general. They had some crazy waxy look, they were devoid of all emotion, and had a severe lack of voice actors too. NPC's were easily the worst part of oblivion for me

Cpt_kitten2836d ago

aw man i forgot how morrowind looked until i restarted it a couple days ago

can't wait for skyrim

Foxgod2836d ago

First elder scolls with great looking characters, the ugly npc's have been a real flaw of this series.
Finally no more beautiful people mods :P

Jocosta2836d ago

I never understood that huge ape like snout they all had, hideous.

KongRudi2836d ago

I never liked the obvious cut between head and chest in Oblivion.
I guess it's because they had 100+ face-models, and much fewer body-models. I know it's a fantasy game, but when a 70 year old woman has perfect breasts, it breaks some of the immersion.

Most of the new male characthers in Skyrim reminds me of your average Unreal troll, on this characther-sheet, I hope there is normal muscularity on the people aswell.

Anyway, looking forward to Skyrim.

TheWolverine2835d ago

Nah, they're all gonna be huge apes like the Gears of War series.

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