Toronto Thumbs Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect

From the Review:

"Silently, I wait; crouched in readiness, my eyes scan the horizon for any sign of my enemies. Suddenly: they strike! Up they leap from below my field of view, right into the path of my deadly cutting tools! I split them, revealing their juicy insides with every movement of my hands. Deftly, I avoid their bombs as I mow a path to victory. Then, it is done; and I, the Fruit Ninja, may rest."

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Bigpappy2838d ago

I am in the 500 club. 549 to be exact. this was the first day I got to spend playing by myself. I have fine tuned my skills and now will be trying to move on to the 1,000 club. I amd ranked in the 3000's out of about 49,000.

JellyJelly2838d ago

Tried it yesterday at a friend's. It was surprisingly fun and responsive. Only managed to score somewhere around 350 points. Don't know what mode it was, but I got a 60 hit combo on the last fruit. :p

Bigpappy2838d ago

That is quite good for some one who only played at a friends house. It took some effort for me to get to 325. Then I could not beat that score for serveral hours. But Friday night, I focused on my combos and played with control and seed when needed. It feels great to be over 500 and leading my friends list.

My score came from arcade mode. That pomegranate fruit, at the end, is for bonus points. My highest hit combo is 55, so you already got me on that one.

JellyJelly2837d ago

What can I say, I'm a natural :) Might be the boxing training that paid off as well.

KING_KAI2838d ago

i would get it but its 800msp a bit too much when the W7 version is cheaper plus even more responcive.

oohWii2838d ago

King Kai, it's definitely worth 800 points. Much more interactive that the phone version and definitely much more fun.

It's also a good workout, not to mention you can play with another player for a cumulative score. And go team against team when you have a few people over. You'll need to remember your team score, but you can still compete against multiple teams. I love this game.

Micro_Sony2837d ago

So you want them to price the Kinect version the same price as the W7 version.

Have you tried making a game for Kinect? Do you think it easy to get it responsive or do you think they just press transfer and the game is on Kinect.

These ports take money and resources to execute and the developer is trying to make some money. You can wait for it to go on sale for 500 MSP and dont complain about the price right now.