Top 6 Wishes for Counter-Strike Global Offensive

DeltaGamer hammers out a list of starry-eyed wishes Valve ought to implement in CSGO. From fixing the netcode to improving the UI, there is a lot of work to pull in players of both Source and 1.6. Here are our top 6 wishes. What are yours?

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jackoffjim2840d ago

1. Reclaim yourself as "King of shooters".
2. Reclaim yourself as "King of shooters".
3. Reclaim yourself as "King of shooters".
4. Reclaim yourself as "King of shooters".
5. Reclaim yourself as "King of shooters".
6. Reclaim yourself as "King of shooters".

solar2840d ago

when did CS relinquish the crown? still more people play CS per day then any other shooter.

clearelite2838d ago

To me it still holds the crown. Hopefully they will not try any silly business to try and appeal to a "wider audience"(nubs). They have a tried and true formula that many fans already appreciate. It would be wise to work with the fanbase they already have rather than risk losing them by going casual. Look what happened to Socom, I think valve knows better than this.

Superted20072840d ago

"it absolutely kills any chance the game has of acceptance in e-sports circles"

In reference to a game with dozen of professional teams who play in tournaments.

Cool story bro.

256bit2840d ago

molotovs are rumored? wow and who cares about the money. just find a server that has the unlimited 16,000. there problem solved. i can already predict the console version will have that crappy matchmaking crap on it.

TABSF2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Can't argue with them 6 points.

Lets see what Valve do

One thing for sure Valve listen to the community but also are not scared of taking risks and by not copying what others are doing.

jackoffjim2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Think of it this way. Without Counter-Strike, The Call of Duty franchise wouldn't exist. If you put Call of Duty 4 next to Counter-Strike, wouldn't you say they look identical?

clearelite2838d ago

Pretty strange that anyone could disagree with you considering pretty much everything that has ever been done in COD was already done in CS with mods, etc.

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