IGN - Trapped Dead Review

IGN - Slaughtering zombies should never get old. One of the last groups still politically correct to massacre, there's something pleasing about defending humanity from a horde of the undead. Unfortunately, the more you progress in Trapped Dead, the more you'll be rooting for the zombies.

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tarbis2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I played this game before. The game had potential but the clunky controls and bad acting is what made me hate this game.
Not much character development esp for the only female char that you will recruit later. They just slap her in there just to have a female char in the game. >_<

deadpoole2843d ago

IGN is being dick ... this game is awesome ... Ill give it 8/10. This game is lot of fun and I'm really enjoying it.

tarbis2841d ago

Well, you can't spell ignorant without IGN.
I just hope they improve it on the sequel. Better controls, more character development and BETTER ACTING PLEASE!

TABSF2843d ago

I think its very harsh for an Indie game.
Looks great, sounds great, has a good atmosphere.

7/10 minimum, a lot better than similar styled games from more established developers.